Manny Pacquiao: “Comparing Gays To Animals Was A Mistake, BUT…”


Why are so many people so bad at saying the words “I’m sorry”? You might remember a few months back when boxer Manny Pacquiao compared gay couples to animals, because animals “know how to distinguish male from female.”

He also approvingly posted a Bible verse to bolster the case that gays should be put to death. Yikes.

Now he’s offered … well, not exactly an apology, but a something. A reporter asked him if he regretted the comments, and he said “Yes, but I’m not changing my position. It’s what the Bible says. But my mistake is just comparing them to animals. I’m just human; nobody’s perfect.”

Nobody’s perfect indeed! In addition to his boxing job, he’s also a senator in the Philippines and says that he might run for president. Ugh.

Obviously the problem here isn’t just that he compared gay people to animals, which really isn’t that terrible (we compare each other to animals all the time). It’s that he wants to hit people over the head with what he believes the Bible orders him to do. For a book that’s supposed to be all about blessing peacemakers, people sure do like to use it as a weapon.

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