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Marilyn Manson makes 3 gay jokes in 1 minute, and they’re all pretty lame

Who knew Marilyn Manson liked making gay jokes so much?

Unfortunately, his aren’t all that funny. And everybody knows that when a gay joke isn’t funny, it’s pretty cringe-worthy.

Well, everyone besides Megyn Kelly, who also made a couple of her own today.

Manson sat down for an interview with NME, where he was asked for his reactions to various photos — a sort of pop culture Rorschach test.

The first three topics he was asked to comment on were: Johnny Depp, Kiss, Charlie Hunnam.

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And Manson offered some variation of a gay joke for: Johnny Depp, Kiss, Charlie Hunnam.


On Kiss, Manson said the photo resembled “four gay dudes in Halloween costumes.”

<Insert cricket noise here.>

Meanwhile, he and Depp are “best friends” who just “want to hold each other,” and Charlie Hunnam has held Manson’s “Excalibur” in his hands (wink wink).

Watch below to see all three jokes (and more!) land dead on arrival:

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  • Kieran

    OMG! He is so HAWT!!! LOL

  • dean089

    Marilyn Manson kinda’ IS a gay joke.

  • michel_banen

    …….and so said the Alice Cooper wannabe who in the past stuck his microphone up his ass [literally], rubbed his dick on a security guy’s head and had a gender neutral look on “Mechanical Animals”.

    So the TRUE gay joke is on him :-)

  • ZoeyPosthuman

    There is literally video of Twiggy Ramirez, his male bassist, sucking his dick on stage, and numerous videos of John 5, his male former guitarist, giving him a rimjob on stage and even commenting on the taste (not bad, apparently). You’re framing this like it’s a cishet making gay jokes. It REALLY isn’t. Dude’s been crapping on the gender binary, heterosexual orthodoxy and bigots in general for decades. He’s a huge fan of Kiss, he just likes joking about anything and anyone he loves. There is literally photos of him as a child dressed up as Peter Criss. Gahh, gain some context.

    • Donston

      As many should know, being “gay friendly” or engaging in gay acts doesn’t make someone progressive-minded or not bigoted. And even within context this was cheesy, and like most things that MM has said and done publicly is driven by self-interest and obsession with wanting to shock.

    • ZoeyPosthuman

      Dude, you clearly aren’t very aware of his personality. He’s not driven by self-interested and definitely not trying to shock. This is the man who cuddles a pink stuffed unicorn during an entire interview (one gifted to him by the interviewer), used to regularly have to partake in addict-wrangling during interviews because Twiggy was too high to function, did a photoshoot with his dad wearing his makeup, regularly took his dad on tour with him (he’s passed away now), literally was being a Cat Parent before cat parenting was a meme, literally painted paintings of his pets, and sleeps in underwear because he’s scared that if a fire starts he’d have to flee naked. The shocking stuff is either just him honestly being himself or people blowing things out of proportion, because he’s an adorable dork. And cheesy? No duh. He’s cheesy as heck. It’s everyone else that keeps expecting him to take himself seriously when really he’s just a giant dork with a lot of money. He donates his used clothes to charity to be auctioned off, had a Make-A-Wish kid doing backing vocals on one of his albums, made Bill O’Reilly look like an idiot on The O’Reilly Factor and is generally just a big softy. He also predicted the Trump presidency’s rise on a tide of idiots back in 2000, which deserves some credit. He’s progressive-minded and not bigoted, he’s just a big dork and Queerty wanted some clickbait.

  • DCguy

    There is one truly amazing thing about Manson.

    Howard Stern at this point can interview an empty soda can and make it an interesting interview. He has taken people that didn’t seem like they’d be good interviews, like Sia, Rob Schneider, somebody who owns a food truck, etc… and made them amazing interviews.

    Yet….Manson was on just the other day, and you could tell Stern was struggling, the interview was boring, even one of the best interviewers in the business, on uncensored satellite radio couldn’t make this guy interesting. That is saying something.

  • Terrycloth

    Marilyn Manson is still a thing ? I thought his career was over years ago

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