"Sources" Claim Investigation Not Turning Up Illegal Activity

Mark Foley Getting Off?

The investigation may be stalled, but sources indicate former US Representative Mark Foley will not face charges for sending naughty emails to underage Congressional pages.

Amy Parnes reports for Florida’s Sun-Sentinel:

Former Congressman Mark Foley is unlikely to face criminal charges for sending sexually explicit e-mails to teenage boys, [say] sources…

Joe diGenova, the former U.S. Attorney for Washington, DC, said investigators likely could not prove the case had merit.

“My guess is they probably have been unable to find evidence of an actual relationship,” diGenova said. “Although the e-mails were suggestive, they didn’t violate a statute.”

An independent House perusal of Foley’s computers – which he has withheld from investigators – found no illicit material. If nothing comes from the investigation, beady eyed Foley’s a free man, thus ensuring another deceitful, kiddie-loving sleaze wad will walk our nation’s streets. Great!