McCain Attempts Obama/Castro Link, Breaks Word In Process

John McCain looks more and more desperate as the days go on.

Not only did the Republican political hopeful release that ad criticizing the media for loving Barack Obama too much, but now he’s running a web ad linking Obama with Fidel Castro. And, of course, the approach skews right:

…The Castro advertisement actually uses the foreign leader’s words against Obama. But the quote is misleading in regards to the actual political dynamics in play. For starters, since Obama became the de facto nominee, Castro has been critical of his candidacy, arguing that he has not called for serious alterations to U.S.-Cuban relations and would willingly allow the island nation to suffer from hunger. Obama, meanwhile, has criticized Castro as a repeated abuser of human rights and a tyrant whose time has passed.

Moreover, the guilt by endorser meme is something that even McCain has disavowed. When questions started being raised about his supporter, John Hagee, the Senator washed his hands of the pastor’s controversial statements. “When he endorses me,” McCain said, months before he rejected Hagee’s endorsement, “it does not mean that I embrace everything that he stands for and believes.”

Is McCain trying to destroy his chances of winning? Is this some sort of sick sadomasochistic display of political wackiness? This latest move comes a day after a McCain spokesperson questioned whether Obama – who had just visited the Holocaust Memorial in Israel – really wanted to end genocide. The statement didn’t go over well.

A note to McCain: keep this up and we won’t have to wait until November. You’ll end up cannibalizing yourself.