Hip hop artist Young Buck found himself at the center of some unwanted attention this week after a trans woman alleged she had engaged in a sexual relationship with the rapper. But it was the media’s response that was most upsetting.

It all started when a woman named Glamour Purfek claimed on Instagram that she had hooked up with Young Buck.

The post, which has since been deleted, was captioned: “@buckshotz show yourself to the [world] it would be so impressive…” and included photos of herself and the G-Unit rapper, alleged screen shots of alleged DMs and sexts they had exchanged, and an alleged video of them having oral sex.

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She followed that up by leaking an alleged voicemail she received from Young Buck begging her to remove the post.

“Take this sh*t down and stop this,” he can be heard saying. “Please don’t have me recorded… Can you take this down and issue some type of retraction statement–because it’s getting people hurt.”

The media pounced on the story. Hip hop blogs quickly became littered with homophobic and transphobic headlines, calling the 37-year-old gay, misgendering his accuser, and using transgender slurs.

The Source ran the headline Young Buck Response To Rumors Of Him Having Sex With Another Man On Video on its site. Meanwhile, over at AllHipHop.com, the headline read: Is There A Video Of Young Buck Having Sex With Another Man? Then there was this gem from BETYoung Buck Addresses Questionable Rumors.

Other headlines circulating the internet included Young Buck Crying And Begging Tr*nny To Delete Post, Young Buck Gets Exposed As Gay By A Transgender, and Young Buck Addresses Gay Rumors After Transgender Video Goes Viral. 

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Young Buck responded by posting a since-deleted video to his Instagram page in which he also misgendered the woman and insisted he wasn’t gay.

Let me address this real fast real quick,” he said. “Ain’t sh*t gay about me.”

He went on to say he “ain’t got a problem with no gay people” but “there ain’t no motherf*ckin’ tape of no motherf*ckin’ punk sucking my d*ck!”


He gets a lot wrong in the video, but he’s right about one thing: There’s absolutely nothing gay about a man hooking up with a trans woman.

Still, his response did little to quell the firestorm.

Soon, he found himself the target of a barrage of homophobic jokes and transphobic jeers on social media.

First, there were the tweets:


Then came the memes:





The whole thing is, frankly, sad and demonstrates how much work there is left to do when it comes to reporting about trans people.

Here’s hoping people do better in the future.

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