Former commissioner of the Alaska Department of Administration Kelly Tshibaka has announced she will challenge sitting Senator Lisa Murkowski for the state’s seat this fall. Already Tshibaka has sparked wide backlash for her crazy stances on key issues.

CNN reports that while Tshibaka and her deputies have already tried scrubbing her social media accounts, several posts have emerged of her spreading false information regarding the 2020 Election, including debunked accounts of voter fraud.

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“Texas is suing 4 Swing States for unlawfully enacting last-minute changes to their election laws due to COVID, thereby skewing the results of the 2020 General Election. If TX prevails, Alaska’s 2020 election results can also be revisited: the AK Supreme Court changed election rules for absentee ballots after our voting had already begun,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Tshibaka also called for a pause on the peaceful transition of power to the Biden administration in an op-ed published on Must Read Alaska.

On queer rights issues, Tshibaka has an even more alarming record. While a student at Harvard Law School, she argued against separation of church and state in an op-ed published in the school newspaper. She also penned an opinion piece titled “The Right Side: Coming out of Homosexuality” in 2001, in which she argued in favor of conversion therapy (she cited Exodus International as effective in “curing” homosexuality), claimed homosexuality is a choice, and attributed gay identity to being molested as a child. The piece invited wide backlash from her fellow students, which prompted her to issue an apology.

In an interview with CNN on April 27, Tshibaka tried to distance herself from the article. “I strongly believe that we should treat all people with respect and dignity,” she said. “The student article was assigned to me by an editor as a counterpoint piece about 20 years ago, and I don’t hold that point of view today.”

Tshibaka dodged questions on whether or not she still endorsed conversion therapy.

In an even more bizarre declaration, Tshibaka denounced witchcraft, equating it to drug addiction. In several posts to her blog, she claimed drug users “experience demonic oppression.” In another, she warned the Ouija board-like social media fad the “Charlie Charlie Challenge” could invite demonic possession.

“Evil spirits are real and they’re more than happy to respond to invitations to afflict people,” she claimed.

Elsewhere on her blog, she condemned the Twilight book and film series as “a perfect example of how the enemy twists, perverts, and ridicules the things of God.”

“Some say this book is harmless, that it promotes Christian values, and that it does not promote anything wicked at all. But Satan does not usually look repulsive, horrific, and evil on the outside,” she claimed. She also referred to the series as “evil and we should not read or watch it.” (Actually, we agree with Tshibaka here. They’re awful. Sorry, Taylor Lautner fans.)

In the announcement for her campaign, Tshibaka said that her push to unseat Lisa Murkowski was in direct response to Murkowski’s vote to convict Donald Trump at his second impeachment. Under Alaska law, all Senate candidates will run in a non-partisan primary. The top four vote-getters will then compete in a general election in which voters will rank them according to preference.

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