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Memers read Sherry Pie for filth

You’ve likely heard by now that RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Sherry Pie (a.k.a. Joey Gugliemelli) was disqualified from the competition last week after being accused of catfishing multiple young men.

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Gugliemelli allegedly pretended to be a casting director named Allison Mossey and tricked the aspiring young actors into sending degrading videos of themselves.

Yesterday, Queerty published an in-depth investigation into the story. We spoke to several of Gugliemelli’s accusers, including actor Ben Shimkus, who was the first person to blow the whistle on the predatory drag queen.

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Drag Race fans have responded to the scandal by rallying around Gugliemelli’s accusers, showing their solidarity through humorous tweets and memes, and letting the world know that catfishing isn’t cool.

First, there were the tweets…

And now, the memes…

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