take note, kids

Nancy Pelosi just gave the most epic clapback to a reporter who accused her of hating Trump

Nancy Pelosi suffers no fools. We already knew this, of course, but she once again reminded anyone who may have forgotten at a press conference this morning.

When reporter James Rosen asked her “Do you hate the president?” as she was leaving the stage at a press conference this morning, the House Speaker warned him not to “mess” with her.

“I don’t hate anybody,” she shot back before returning to the microphone.

“As a Catholic, I resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me,” she scolded. “I don’t hate anyone.”

Pelosi then called the president “a coward” and “cruel” but said she still prays for him “all the time.”

“I was raised in a way that is a heart full of love and always pray for the president,” she continued. “And I still pray for the president. And I pray for the president all the time, so don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.”

The fiery exchange came shortly after House Democrats announced they would begin drafting articles of impeachment against the president.


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