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Nico Tortorella makes a big announcement about his career

This just in, folks: Nico Tortorella is currently hard at work on his second book, which he describes as “a narrative-memoir hybrid.”

“It’s called Love Y’all,” the sexually fluid actor/podcaster/poet tells GMA News Online. “It’s a narrative-memoir hybrid. Much bigger book. Not poetry. Non-fiction.”

Sounds riveting.

Nico’s first book, All of It Is You: Poetry, was published earlier this year. GQ called the 256-page collection of poems “impressive,” and Entertainment Tonight said it offered “an intriguing glimpse into the actor’s mind.”

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“The book that I’m writing right now is actually the book that I was planning on writing first,” he explains. “I knew that it was time, but I didn’t know that it was time for a poetry book. When I took it out and shopped it around, Random House came and said, hey let’s do a poetry book first. Genius.”

He continues, “It’s so rare that you get offered a poetry book in the publishing world these days. So I jumped at the opportunity. I buckled down and wrote the book in 45 days.”

Nico says he tries to write almost every day.

“I can get out a lot really fast,” he says. “I wrote 7,000 words at three o’clock in the morning. Half of them might be garbage, but who knows?”

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He adds, “I just need to be in the right mindset. I know more when I’m not supposed to be writing than when I am. My body’s like, nope, and when that happens, there’s no point in even trying.”

As for Love Y’all, that won’t be out for a while.

“End of the year next year,” Nico says. “Maybe fourth quarter. I gotta write today, actually.”

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