Obama Must Issue Exec Order to Begin DADT Repeal. And Yet He Won’t

Plenty of political and legal experts are telling the Obama administration that yes, in fact, the president can end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell via executive order. Except President Obama keeps saying he wants Congress to take action to repeal the law. Obama insists he’s committed to killing DADT, and yet he won’t use the one tool in his power to do so?

This week the Center for American Progress shared a report on how the White House can wind down DADT. In fact, it’s actually a list of how he must do it: Issue an executive order to temporarily halt dismissals; form a presidential panel to strategize on how to implement a full-blown repeal; get Congress to repeal the law; change the military guidelines; follow up with the military to make sure they’re following the new rules.

Great stuff, right? Too bad the White House still refuses to budge. From Thursday’s press briefing, Mother Jones‘s David Corn speaks to Robert Gibbs:

Clearly, the White House has its own strategy, and it involves both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. To some, it’s a winning M.O.; Nancy Pelosi and The Three Gays met this week to plot course on gay legislation like DADT. But as CAP Senior Fellow Lawrence Korb argues, “A presidential suspension on further dismissals on the basis of DADT is not only within the authority of the president but is necessary to begin the process of repealing this counterproductive, costly, and unnecessary law.”