Out There: Felicity Speaks

Jennifer Beals obviously doesn’t have an issue with outing. In a recent Advocate interview she does just that to Katherine Moennig. [Hothouse]

Michael Lucas calls the Golden Globes out on being anything but gay friendly. [Lucas Blog]


Felicity Huffman talks about her little movie that could, Transamerica, “I know they will leave the theater feeling unified and expanded as opposed to … bombarded, like so many big movies do.” [Gay.com]

• Vividblurry takes on more gays, this time going after the “Hot Boy Posse.” They’re like Heathers but with spray-on tans and waxed chests. [Vividblurry]

• Not every queen is concerned only with seeing Colin Farrell naked. Some want him to get better too. [Data Lounge]