Pastor Spends $60K Of Church’s Money To Feed His Addiction To Gay Dating Websites

631436a4e5758a0195dc1b226f759768Ruh-roh! Someone’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Or, more appropriately, the offering plate.

Pastor Boyd Watson Holder Jr. (pictured) from the Victory Apostolic Church in Kingsport, TN was arrested last week after officials from the church noticed “between $70,000 and $100,000” had mysteriously vanished from the church’s bank account.

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The money disappeared from an account only Holder had access to. When church officials confronted him about it, the pastor barked “It’s none of your business!” before banishing them from the congregation. So they all got together did some sleuthing.

Their findings?

44-year-old Holder blew nearly $60,000 on the gay dating websites Manhunt and Farmers Only, as well as for repairs to his vehicle.

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A grand jury just indicted Holder for theft and money laundering, both of which are Class B felonies. However, the story gets even juicier. Jurors also heard about a little incident involving Holder that happened six months ago.

The pastor, who is married, was discovered by police getting it on with another guy in a church van in an empty parking lot in the middle of the day last December.

When officers knocked on the steamy van window, Holder reportedly apologized profusely. Police instructed him not to “have relations in public” again before ordering him and his anonymous male companion off the property.

Holder is currently being held in a Kingsport jail. His bail was set at $35,000.

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h/t: Times News

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  • tricky ricky

    farmers only is damned democratic! they have services for straight, gay, and lesbians.

  • RIGay

    I know of several churches here in New England that could use $60,000 just to keep their doors open and the lights on. Must be nice to have access to that kind of cash.

  • Robert Young

    Well that’s super Christian!

  • Rick Caffey

    It’s called karma. .

  • Billy Budd

    He looks a bit crazy. That is what repression and hypocrisy does to people.

  • Will Glitzern

    He probably preaches that homosexuality is wrong.

  • Cam

    Something seems off here. Do those websites charge really hefty fees per use? If not, then how is $60,000 spent on a “Dating Site”?

    It sounds more like he spent the money on drugs and hookers and the reporter is trying to be nice and just not say that.

  • Bauhaus


    With those bloodshot eyes and puffy face, I’m gonna agree with you and guess that $60,000 went up his nose/through his veins, both with and without the company of hookers.

  • Ron King

    These greedy self serving Christians…..are not fooling anybody.

  • darian

    Ha another one. It seems every week these charlatans are being exposed. Looks like alot of closet queens are catching cabin fever.

  • Rodney Church

    The hypocrites just keep coming out of the closet!!!

  • Realitycheck

    Typical pastor/prist/monk of any religion, collect and spend for yourself.
    One more reason not to be religious.

  • DonW

    For what it’s worth, I think “Online Buddies” is actually Manhunt — that’s the “discreet” name they use on credit card statements.

    I’m perplexed, too, at how you can possibly spend that much on hookup sites. Perhaps he also used

  • Celtic

    Well it was either that or a down payment on a jet. Churches need to have their finances audited regularly by accountants apparently.

  • SteveDenver

    @Robert Young: You’re pretty and funny!
    Pastor Boyd sounds like a super-pissy queen.

  • musctop

    @Cam: He probably spent a couple hundred dollars over the years on website fees, but a couple thousand dollars on meth to feed his “dates.”

  • mcflyer54

    I’m sure these expenditures were all made in the name of “research”. The good pastor probably needed some good old first hand knowledge before accurately preaching about the wicked sins of the flesh. Just another run of the mill hypoChristian.

  • mcflyer54

    @Celtic: if they had to pay taxes a lot of accountability problems would be solved because an accurate set of books, professionally maintained and regularly audited with fear of IRS investigation, can do wonder for any business.

  • Larry

    Just like GW Bush who got elected hating gay people, this pastor hates because it gets him power and money. GW attended a wedding of a lesbian couple who were his friends and even offered to officiate the wedding. So he was using the hate for the same reason. To get elected. When will conservative christians get their mind out of our lives and take care of their own. They are less “godly” than atheist these days.

  • billywonka

    Am sure he always ended his services with an Ah!Men!!

  • tsginamarieva

    First of all, the article must be wrong about him being held in a Kingston County jail. I think if you asked him, “he’s simply ministering to prisoners through his personal, on-site, open-ended, prison ministry.” And, of course he used church funds to reach troubled gay men through those websites. He didn’t have that kind of money personally. And those lost gay men needed his counselling, Obivously, some of them several times a week. What was he supposted to do, just “poke” them on Facebook and let the Devil win? I don’t think so.

  • Alex Cameron

    Another bigot there coming out of the closet thick and fast

  • Wooly

    Well that 60 K must have got him on his knees for a few prayer sessions.

  • Christopher Michael

    that’s so cool. I love raw, right in your face sickness

  • silveroracle

    All that money spent for the laying on of lips.

  • Giancarlo85

    WTF… who spends that much on gay dating websites? Don’t they have free ones?

  • GayDinosaurTales

    Bet he preached on the sanctity of marriage right up till they caught him with his fist in the cookie jar.

  • Aharon Izraeli

    Since when has hiring rent boys been considered “gay dating”.???.

  • Bob LaBlah

    When the trial begins I would not find it hard to believe he flew in tricks first class from around the country and he probably had an Escalade truck. I am an atheist but I say here that I feel sorry for the church members who put their trust in this queen. I have no sympathy for thieves, especially stupid ones.

  • Rixter Mixter

    And another closet job bites the dust ! Terwatt !

  • robkh68

    I guess we know what those stains on his shirt are

  • BigG

    @Billy Budd:

    For real he looks tweeked out.

  • Trevor McGee

    And, they’ve been giving the Catholics a hard time all these years… Not, that that hasn’t been deserved. Just, seems that same-sex attraction knows not the boundaries of Religion. Usually, and especially these days it seems, any sect preoccupied with Gays, & same-sex sex, is only out themselves as suspect to it. My new response, will be, “Do you wanna talk about it?”

  • SAasianboi

    in south Africa the government has instituted a law known as the CRL act, which obliges churches to pay tax and provide transparent audits. in SA its not just right wing nuts that preach against homosexuality but also the fact that there are many fake prosperity gospel preachers that have been fleecing poor people for money while they drive fancy cars, wear watches close to $7000 but preach against homosexuality. the main pastor from CRC Christian revival church boasted on an on air sermon about how he gave his $7000 watch to the poor and also told his congregation about how he isn’t financially accountable to his own church.

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