The O-face and other expressions caught on film: Young naked man watching pornography in his kitchen

Most of us remember the term “O-face” from Office Space, where the excitable, hetero character Drew shows us his plans on showing Jennifer Anniston his O-face. But it’s inspired by so much more!

The male orgasm is an intense neuromuscular euphoria that begins with a gradual throb of the sphincter and climaxes with an explosion at the tip of his penis, about 10 to 15 seconds later. It inspires lots of “oohing”, “f–k yeah-ing,” grunting, heavy breathing, and, of course, the infamous, unconscious O-face.

The expression we make at the moment of orgasm is perhaps the most primal of all. It’s a mixture of pleasure/pain, concentration and release. Facial muscles contort. Eyes bulge. Nostrils flare. Lips curl. And mouths open, releasing animalistic moans of ecstasy or, as the case may be, shrieks of delight.

Some O-faces are more animated than others. Even the most intense O-face can be kinda hot. Let’s just hope that facial recognition software isn’t good enough to interpret these emotions. Otherwise we’re all in trouble!

Scroll down to see men making O-faces and other sexpressions:

This guy is contemplating life while orgasming

The O-face and other expressions caught on film: A black and white photo of a man achieving an orgasm. He has a very contemplative look on his face.

Photo credit: @the-ultimate-male-orgasm

“Getting choked does it for me” face

A man getting choked during his orgasm.

Photo credit:

The scrunchy O-face

Photo credit:

The sneezing O-face

Photo credit: GIFFactoryXXX

The pleasured O-face

Photo credit: Tenor

“Who cares about my hair?” face

Photo credit: Homo Erotica

The deep, tantric breathing O-face

Photo credit: Homo Erotica

The silly, John Hamm sexpressions from Bridesmaids

Image source: Tenor

The overly dramatic, perhaps even faking it face

Photo credit:

So which of these sexpressions was your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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