Pride 2017

PHOTOS: San Diego Pride offered no shortage of sun-kissed eye candy

Over 100,000 people filled the sunny streets for San Diego’s Pride parade on Saturday. The weekend also included a block party, music festival, rally, 5K marathon, and popup events at bars and clubs all around town. Oh, and plenty of sun-kissed eye candy.

Scroll down for pics from the shenanigans…

It was a Sunday Funday! #Vibes #Crew #SundayFunday #SanDiegoPride #Richs

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LOVE CONQUERS ALL! My first gay pride weekend was so damn fun and so memorable. I can't express how grateful I am to have spent me weekend with you @jerry_michael ????????Thank you for my first pride experience. Thank you for walking the 5k with me even tho we started HELLA LATE cut through half way lmao. Thank you for being patient with me even tho it was hot af during the parade, Thank you for keeping me safe and in check. Thank you for always accepting me and being there showing me how life should be. No words can describe how appreciative I am of you! So damn blessed to have people like you in my life. Here's to more memories! And glad got to see some great friends and met new ones! I can't express how blessed I am to be living in San Diego and how supportive my gay community are! Yaasss momma! PS Tinashe was fckn sexy live! PSS I've never been this drunk for a weekend ugh.. RIP LIVER RIP MY BODY.. ? here's to more pride parades and weekends and here's to a great life! Enjoy and be comfortable with your skin, don't let anyone define who you are. Enjoy your life live to the fullest and my life is too blessed to be stressed! ?? #blessedaf #SDpride #pride #gaypride #gay #lgbt #sandiego #sandiegopride

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Animals. #sandiegozoo #sandiegopride #huntingforbears #zooparty #lgbt Photo @sterlingdwalker

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The @sandiegopride parade is always a wonderful event ????

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Angel ?. #sdpride2017. #pride. #sandiegopride #loveislove

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I found my twin. He is from Australia… . . . #sandiego #sandiegopride #hairymen #beardedman #california #australia #zooparty #twinning

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No work & all play. Festival'ing so hard. #sdpride #pride #proud

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Love is love bitches ????#ShortShortsAndSheerTops #SDPride #SanDiegoPride

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Lovely stormtrooper with pink tutu ! #sandiegopride #stormtrooper #pink #tutu #funweekend #pride

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#nofilter #sandiegopride #pierparty #sandiego #bears #beards

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Resiste! ? #sandiegopride2017

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#sdpride #sdpride2017 #sandiegopride2017 #sandiegopride #igersandiego #sandiego

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  • Prax07

    These pics are why I’ve never been, and never will go, to a pride event. I don’t see how prancing about on public streets in your underwear, leather dog masks, or fairy wings represents any sort of pride.

    • girldownunder

      If you don’t understand, don’t go. But don’t trash or dismiss because you don’t understand it.

  • Prax07

    When I see pics or videos of guys performing oral on street corners at pride events that just reinforces my disdain for pride events. How is being out on public streets, as grown ass men, in nothing but a jockstrap and work boots showing pride? What exactly is the pride message from that?

    • barkomatic

      I’ve been to several Pride events and I’ve never seen that so what you saw is pretty rare. Why is it that in your mind seeing two guys do that becomes representative of all of Pride? It’s not uncommon at *any* large scale event to observe a few individuals doing something inappropriate–which this clearly was.

      As for the second part of your comment, perhaps you haven’t realized that gay people are *sexual* minorities so dressing in scantily clad clothing kinda emphasizes the point. Also, people shouldn’t be so uptight about showing their bodies in general. If it’s 85 degrees out, why wear a shirt?

      Please stay away from Pride events unless you give up your prudish attitude. It’s fine if you want to show up to Pride in wool, black Victorian clothing on a summer day but don’t judge others for having fun.

  • Nahald

    They don’t seem to quite get it that MOST of us gay men (And most likely women) are just average people with average bodies. The eye candy is nice, but is not a reflection on the entire gay community.

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