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This popular trans Twitch streamer was just banned for an awful reason

One of Twitch’s most popular trans streamers has gotten the boot from the site and the reasoning is shoddy, to say the least.

The streamer stated on July 18th that she had been banned from Twitch for attempting to show just a few of the offensive and derogatory things that had been hurled at her online.

“My account got mass reported before I even started and I am banned from Twitch,” she wrote. “I’ll do the stream on YouTube instead. You can’t f*cking stop me.”

Today, she has revealed that her appeal to be unbanned from the site has been outright rejected and that the month-long silencing of her account will stand:

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The concept of being banned from the site — presumably under its rules against hate-speech — just for showing off the kind of hate-speech she’s received would be laughable if it wasn’t so seriously impeding her platform.

On top of that, many of the accounts who actually hurled the aforementioned hateful epithets at the streamer still have their channels intact.

The Twitch ban also comes on the heels of a short, temporary Twitter ban for Keffals earlier this month.

The streamer was mass-reported by fans of right-wing Twitch figure TheQuartering and social media menace LibsofTikTok following a long string of confrontations online, notably those painting Keffals out to be a “groomer”.

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Keffals rose to popularity as a leftist commentator on the site in 2021 for publicly opposing the rise in anti-trans bills across the country, as well as specifically opposing Texas Governor Greg Abbott in his crusade against gender-affirming healthcare.

Her powerfully outspoken and confrontational nature on social media has garnered her the ire of many a right-wing mouthpiece and led to mass-reporting and doxxing in the past, but this ban from her main platform is an especially disappointing blow.

“Twitch banned one of their biggest transgender streamers from their website for openly talking about the abuse they receive,” she writes. “I do not understand how they managed to f*ck up so badly.”

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