The queen's speech

Queen Elizabeth vows to protect LGBTQ rights, will not be meeting with Trump for tea anytime soon

Queen Elizabeth II isn’t having any of the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric being spewed by Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and other Republicans.

In an address to the UK parliament today, the 91-year-old monarch said her government was pledging to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination.

Said the Queen:

“My government will make further progress to tackle the gender pay gap and discrimination against people on the basis of their race, faith, gender, disability or sexual orientation.”

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But it didn’t stop there.

The Queen also informed the public that the rumored state visit by Donald Trump would not be happening.

Theresa May had originally invited Trump for a visit when she met with him at the White House back in January. But after Trump’s brutish behavior, outlandish tweets, and the recent Twitter fight he picked with London’s Muslim mayor over the terrorist attack on London Bridge, it appears that invitation has been rescinded.

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The monarch’s address to Parliament, which is written by lawmakers and delivered by the Queen, typically mentions all planned state visits, but her majesty made no mention of Trump whatsoever, only saying she would be welcoming King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain in July.

Cue Trump’s angry hate tweet in 2, 3, 1…

Watch the Queen’s speech to Parliament below:

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  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    Clearly the UK isn’t going to do anything to protect them from the biggest threat, all the violent muslims flooding into the country and blowing up gays at concerts and running them down on the streets. So I call BS on that queenie.

    • 1898

      i live and work with dozens of muslims and they’ve never harmed a single hair on my extremely gay head

    • Gaytaffuk

      A couple of points –
      Muslims are hardly ‘flooding’ into the UK and even if they were the vast majority of Muslims hate and denounce any acts of violence perpetrated in their name, Islam is a peaceful religion twisted by extremists to suit their perverted views.
      The government has announced action to be taken to act against extremists in the same speech (btw this includes Muslims, Christians and Jewish extremists, extremists are not exclusive to any one belief as shown by this week’s attack at the Finsbury Park Mosque).
      The ‘Queen’s Speech’ is actually written by the government, in this case the illegitimate Tory government who are being widely vilified in the UK, so if you’re ‘calling BS’ on anyone it should be the so-called prime minister Theresa May (or may-be not!).

    • ChrisK

      Eff off with your muslims only want peace kumbaya propaganda. Maybe in your dream world but anywhere you find a majority of Muslims you’ll always find gays being beaten or killed.

    • broadshoulder

      As an American your bound to get it wrong? Been watching too much Fox news have we?

      Incidently, the article gets it wrong. She never has a view on anything? She never talks to the press?

    • ChrisK

      If you just want to go by facts since were talking about the UK a Pew study show’d that half of their Muslims believe homosexuality should be illegal. 84% of Egyptian Muslims believe you should just be killed.

    • Mike

      I sorry you feel this way. She has been doing good things for well over 70 years. I would ask you what you have done for society other than post stupid comments?

    • Hussain-TheCanadian

      @ChrisK – You are wrong, absolutely wrong – Muslims, like everybody else dont give a flying f*ck what we do, and im a prime example of that. As for the polls, I put no stock in them, over wise Hillary Clinton would of been President if the polls and projections were accurate.

    • jimontp

      I think that in reality, all of the attacks in the UK have been from people who were born and/or raised in the UK. Maybe you will enlighten me if any of them were from “violent Muslims flooding in the country.”
      You’ve got a problem from Muslims who were encouraged/ indoctrinated by the most virulent imams, just as we have a problem with the Fundamentists “Christians” who espouse virulent anti-gay rantings and of course our own born/raised American Muslims who do the same thing. But just imagine what is like for gays in Putin’s Russia.

    • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

      And there was a muslim terrorist attack at an American airport just a few hours ago. Just proves what happens when you let them in.

    • stnc

      Just where did you get your uniformed comments from, suggest you research your *facts* first!

    • Hussain-TheCanadian

      @ IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou – We don’t know who he is, what are his motivations, and maybe you need to chill until we found out. Also if you don’t want Muslims “coming in” to the United States, maybe its high time you hold your government accountable when it bombs their countries or props up their dictators.

    • StarshineSC

      Not all Muslims are bad.

    • mhoffman953


      True, but how do we identify which ones are bad or have potential to become bad?

      This is like the real-life version of Minesweeper

    • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

      Hussain-TheCanadian He is a CANADIAN MUSLIM and it is confirmed it was MUSLIM terrorism.

    • Raymond

      Oh no you don’t. You are not going to drag the LGBTQI+ community into your hatred of Muslims campaign, not only because we understand hatred, but we also know that there are millions of LGBTQI+ Muslims in the world. Stick your comment where your head is.

    • Gaytaffuk

      Chris – nice bit of reasoned and intelligent debate!
      Exactly could be said of any of the major religions at one time. All religion is a fiction developed to control the uneducated masses by promising them fabulousness in the afterlife. Don’t worry that you’re eating, living and working in shit now, you’ll have a life of plenty when you die!
      Religion also what’s to control and vilify those who are ‘other’ that represent difference to the patriarch who set up the religion as they also represent a loss of control, a threat of rebellion and a loss of the most important aspect of religion – a loss of income!
      The vast majority of Muslims I have encountered have not shown any information to throw me off a high-rise.
      Strange how a post about LBQT rights has been diverted to a discussion about terrorism!?!?

    • justibj

      I have several muslims friends and they haven’t bothered me at all. They are far nicer than most of the christians I know.

      My daughter wasn’t taken away from me by an “evil muslim”. She was taken away from me by a christian terrorist.

      WHO is going to protect us from christian terrorists?

    • veloloquy

      To those of you playing bingo with convenient statistics, yes it is true that certain studies say that 50% of the UK’s muslims disapprove of homosexuality. So what? The same type of studies say that 64% of conservative republicans (and 53% of the whole spectrum of republicans) in the US think exactly the same thing.

      Here is a fact: muslim members of the British parliament from across the political spectrum consistently vote overwhelmingly in support of LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage.

      Sadiq Khan – who Trump and his barmy army of nutjobs would have us believe is some sort of enemy within – always voted strongly in support of LGBT rights.

      Most muslims in the UK don’t live in islamist ghettos. Most muslims accept British values and want to contribute to society. So what if they don’t like homosexuality? Smell the coffee .. most people in this world of ours don’t much like homosexuality, but there is a lot of difference between not liking something and thinking we shouldn’t be treated equally and that homosexuality should be illegal, or that we should all be stoned to death.

      Supporting LGBT rights isn’t about liking what we are, it is simply about accepting our right to be what we are and our right to live without fear and discrimination .. and in my experience, the overwhelming majority of muslims in the UK have no problem with that. It is no different to the majority of Christians I know.

      Dig deep enough and you’ll find sects in any religion which are generally bitterly opposed to us (Jehovas Witnesses, Mormons, evangelical protestants etc) … whilst others, such as Catholics who we may be tempted to assume slavishly follow the word of the Vatican are generally far more supportive of the acceptance of homosexuality than the population as a whole.

      Stop trying to tar all Muslims with the same brush and painting them as a single homogeneous body of opinion, because the reality is very very different.

    • veloloquy

      Oh, and by the way, most muslims in the UK were born in the UK. They aren’t flooding in .. in fact, there is a certain irony in the fact that those you claim are flooding in are actually more likely to support tighter restrictions on migration. Where is the logic in that if they really want to flood the country with Islamist extremists?

    • GayEGO

      Stop being such a dishy queen Mary Doogan! It is not the muslims, christians, hindus, etc. it is the extremists who are against humanity.

  • MacAdvisor

    One must point out, the Queen has little input into the Queen’s speech. It is written by the government and Her Majesty only reads it. It is most emphatically not an expression of Her goals and ideas.

    • Mike

      Technically you are correct but let me emphatically say what you are saying as her “expression” is not something you know. it borders on naive.

    • Raymond

      I am sure you have a personal relationship with the Queen and you therefore know what she feels about us. Stick your comment where your head is.

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    The Queen is non-partisan, and the speech is written by the government, not anyone in the royal family. The headline is misleading.

    “Cue Trump’s angry hate tweet in 2, 3, 1…” Trump was the one who cancelled (albeit for stupid reasons).

    There is no gender pay gap. It’s an earnings gap. Women have the freedom to make life choices. They choose to go into lower paying fields and have families. This is nothing more than virtue signalling from May’s government.

    If May hadn’t come out with a horrible manifesto, she wouldn’t need to be forming a coalition with the DUP. The DUP are not the most gay-friendly party.

    • MacAdvisor

      “There is no gender pay gap. It’s an earnings gap. Women have the freedom to make life choices. They choose to go into lower paying fields and have families.”

      Except studies don’t back up your assumptions. Women who go into traditionally male-dominated fields and who choose not to have families also earn less than their similar qualified male peers. Moreover, men also choose to have families without a penalty to their careers. While some women take time off to raise children (a rather different thing than merely having them), those women who do not also suffer. The truth is the gender pay gap is mostly a result of societal bias.

    • Mike

      Kaiser (germany I assume?) you make a funny. lol

    • martyvl

      No one has officially canceled anything…..there just hasn’t been any mention by the Queen of an impending visit by #45 (nor was a date ever set) and #45 has only put his imaginary state visit on hold because he doesn’t want to go unless the occasion is backed by the British public….. like that’ll ever happen.

  • leobaga

    Queerty = Fake News. The Queen is non partisan. Trump cancelled for safety reason. It’s already proven that dem supporters are the violent bunch.

    • Mike

      leo, using the “smokem” today. lol. The queen does sit to pee or would you agree?

    • Hussain-TheCanadian

      He didn’t cancel for safety reasons, he cancelled because he didn’t want millions of people protesting his grotesque Presidency, and possibly didnt want his big head to be a target of rotten tomatoes being flung his way.

    • justibj

      So let’s see, the trump goon who told his supporters to murder his political opponent and said he could shoot someone and not lose any supporters is nothing but a scared chicken-sh** coward?

      sounds like the typical republican, all big fat mouth and no action.

  • Mack

    I don’t consider the Muslims to be any different toward LGBT than the Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Mormons or 7th Day Adventist. There is a section of all of them that wishes LGBT dead or LESSER THAN anyone else. There is hatred in religion that just doesn’t go away. And that is ALL RELIGIONS.

    • Mike

      true. I just wish to say that we are far better off within the “church” today than when I was a young man. I can now go to a church that welcomes gay and lesbian people. When I was growing up I knew of no churches that went out of their way to accept the above stated people. thank you for your reply.

    • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

      Name one Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Mormons or 7th Day Adventist, Hindu, Buddhist country that is running concentration camps, hanging gays, jailing gay, canning gays or throwing them off roofs. Only the sand savages do any of that, so yeah there is a difference.

    • dmanhart

      Last time I checked, Christians are not killing gay people. I must have missed some stories where Christians throw gay men off a rooftop.

    • Hussain-TheCanadian

      @IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou – Muslims are NOT the Chechen government; a government and a leader that is propped up by the Russian state, which is run by a right-wing conservative party.

    • KaiserVonScheiss

      The President of Chechnya is a Muslim.

    • Hussain-TheCanadian

      @ KaiserVonScheiss – And I say so what – He’s a brutal dictator who kills, jails and tortures his own people, not to mention he’s also a thief; nothing Muslim about him.

      Since when political leaders and dictators represent a Religion, or even their people? If you believe that a Muslim leader is a representative of all Muslims worldwide, you are no different in your thinking than Osama Bin Laden, who laid the fault of American foreign policy and aggression at the door of all Americans, and hence deserving of death.

    • Bob LaBlah

      Wow! I’m sure Chechnya is buzzing over that one. Imagine that. An elected muslim leader. Thanks, herr Rhome, er, um, Kaiser von Hospital.

  • He BGB

    Donald Trump has not “spewed” anything about gays. That’s the problem. He doesn’t say Yay or nay. Now pence has made it clear what he thinks about gays. And republicans in general are not sympathic to gays. So don’t expect any cheerleaders from that section. The UK is a civilized country and shows class. We have a trashy reality show host as a leader with a 3rd wife that he bought.

    • Mike

      I would honestly say you might be correct but Mr. Trumps does appoint those who work for him and he did take on pence as VP. My lesbian niece said this to me yesterday and she really though he was a gracious man. Could I just say “get a f___ grip”.

    • jimontp

      You do know that Trump refused to recognize June as Pride month, though he did recognize “out door month” and national parks month-both of which his budget plans to decimate? And just this week, 6 members of the “Presidential AIDS Advisoray” committee all resigned because “Trump doesn’t care about AIDS.” Pence is probably worse, since he signed the Indiana (first state) act to legalize anti-gay discrimination on religious grounds. He was forced to repeal it because all of the big industries threatened to boycott Indiana, but you know where Pence really stands.
      Senator Al Franken wrote a very interesting opinion piece, where he warned that impeaching Trump would get us an ultra right wing ZEALOT.
      Google it.

  • Kangol

    The Queen of the UK has a lot to answer for, since Britain spread its hateful, homophobic laws all over the world, including the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and yes, North America. British anti-sodomy laws and attitudes have taken root all over the globe, so her words, while fine, are bit too little and way too late!

    • Humbah

      Not actually this Queen but our old Victorian queen – all the old oppressive colonial laws spread throughout the ‘British Empire’ the vile legacy does live on :-(

    • Deanf

      Blaming the current queen for the empire is like blaming the current president for slavery
      You dick

  • Kieran

    This article is a spoof right? Surely you realize that the queen merely reads the speech that is handed her. In this case the speech was written by England’s conservative government currently headed by Theresa May.

  • Mike

    I see the russian botts are out. just two questions, are these replies from “gay”, “homosexual”, “lesbian” people? Do any of you guys find the replies informative? really!!!

  • Humbah

    We all loved the major snub given to PM May by her majesty via her hat. Hats are very symbolic and the Queens hat clearly paid homage to the EU flag :-)

  • winemaker

    Why can’t the predominantly muslim countries take all these ‘refugees’ instead of the USA, UK and western Europe. where they want everyone to follow their ways and eventually install sharia. law. Why doesn’t Saudi Arabia, or Malaysia, two large muslim countries.

    • KaiserVonScheiss

      The Saudis are too busy exporting terrorism to care about refugees.

      The Saudis are Salafis. I don’t think they want non-Salafis in their country. Many Syrians are Shia. I don’t know what the sects of Sunnis are, but the Saudis definitely don’t want the Shia.

    • Mike

      winemaker, good question. I can say that muslin countries have some of the same bigotries of many of the states in the USA. i.e. Mississippi and New York. One of the them hates anything not white and the other is far more open to people of other cultures. I would love to see so call muslim countries do more than they do. The whole slaughter in Syria borders on things the Nazi did. thanks for your time and we must always continue to work for peace.

    • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

      They won’t take them because muslims know how dangerous muslims. are. If there isn’t anyone else for them to kill and oppress they turn on one another.

    • john.k

      The greatest numbers of Syrian refugees are in Jordan and Lebanon. There are more in Turkey. I understand that Saudi Arabia and the gulf states have taken some bit I don’t know what the numbers are. The ones that make it to Europe are mostly the better off who had assets to sell to pay the traffikers.

  • Artiewhitefox

    Muslims live to harm others. They fool people for long period of time waiting for them to relax and then bam they kill them or make a jihad verbally against them. Muslims gain joy when they do that.

  • Artiewhitefox

    Muslims live to harm others. They fool people for long periods of time waiting for people to relax and then, bam, they kill them or make a jihad verbally against them. Muslims gain joy when they do that.

  • Mandrake

    Queen Elizabeth II isn’t having any of the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric being spewed by Donald Trump….”
    Maybe I’ve missed it. What has he been spewing exactly?

    • Mike

      man, you do listen to him? don’t you. He let’s “hires” do the spewing on LGBTQ.

  • Salvo

    Please take this down or fix it! The Queen’s Speech never reflects the Queen’s own point of view! It’s written for her by whoever is in government (the Conservative party at the moment). She just reads it aloud. This is part of the ceremony for the state opening of parliament, and it has been the case for more than a hundred years.

    • Salvo

      Just look up the article on “Speech from the throne” in Wikipedia.

  • GayEGO

    Trump was not in office when Marriage Equality became the law of America.
    Queen Elizabeth was queen when Marriage Equality because the law of UK.

    Stop ignoring the fact that Trump is just spewing forth his hoopla like he did on his TV reality show – The Apprentice. He does not represent Americans well as he does not respect the responsibilities of the POTUS.

  • ErikO

    That’s funny since the queen has pretty much no political power anymore, and Teresa May lost the election.

    If the UK really cared about the rights of LGBT people they would stop allowing lots of muslim invaders to go there as the majority of Muslims both from other countries and ones who emigrated and who are living in the UK and other countries and their children-even the United States and Canada want to legalise Sharia law, and want us bisexual and gay men dead.

  • davehb

    This is obviously NOT the “formal opening of parliament” because Her Majesty opens Parliament in Her full-crown regalia, not a delightful blue dress. This must have been a mid-session speech or something, not the formal opening.

    • Gaytaffuk

      Davehb – This was the State Opening of Parliament but due to the short notice of the election and the Queen’s Speech being delayed due to the Tories having to re- write due to the hung Parliament it was decided that the full formality of the Queen’s Speech/State Opening of Parliament would not be possible. The ‘delightful’ blue outfit you mentioned is also being seen as a significant snub as it is the same colour as the European flag (blue and yellow)!
      Don’t comment on things you obviously know nothing about!

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