QUESTION: Is Seth MacFarlane A Good Choice To Host The Oscars?

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It’s official: Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has been named the host of the 2013 Academy Awards.

Um, yay?

Gay super-producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron announced Monday that MacFarlane will host the 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony on February 24.

Is Seth MacFarlane A Good Choice To Host The Oscars?

Meron called MacFarlane, 38, “the most unbelievable, consummate host choice we could think of,” but we don’t know if we buy it. MacFarlane is a good comedy writer, and has a knack for voices, but he’s yet to prove he’s as charismatic as himself as he is doing the voice of Stewie Griffin.

The Oscars have tried numerous times in recent years to appeal to a younger and hipper demographic—we’re still trying to block out the memory of Anne Hathaway and James Franco—but is this the way to go?

Do you like the idea of MacFarlane hosting the Academy Awards? And if not, who would you rather see helming the Gay Super Bowl? Cast your vote in the comments section.



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  • dvlaries

    He’s full of himself and sure to be controversial, but better him than Billy Crystal ever again with his wind-tunnel, pulled-back face.

  • Tom

    he can sing but thats it. Can only hope he isn’t allowed to write any jokes

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    His one hour variety special on Fox was pretty good. Don’t know if he can pull off over 3 hours in a room of veteran heavyweights. I’m sure he can’t do any worse than David Letterman.

  • flinnte

    OMG are you kidding, he’s a terrible singer and the biggest ham since Bob Hope. Less is more with Seth. The Oscars aren’t on Fox, why pick him then?

  • marc sfe


  • niles

    This wil be the trainwreck of all trainwrecks. Can’t wait to view the destruction!

  • biguy

    The guy puts all the misogynist and hypermasculine stuff in his work so people don’t focus on the showtunes and Joan Crawford jokes. Douche.

  • tdx3fan

    I’m not sure why all you queens are rallying to show a LACK of support to a man that has done nothing but support and promote the gay community.

    I personally love his voices (all of them, including his actual voice) and I find him very charming, hot and charismatic. I love all of the work he has done. I’m not the only one. Most of the people I know are also huge fans of Seth, and I think he will make a great host at the Oscars. He also has a major gift for public speaking; just check out the Youtube clips.

  • flinnte

    Support the gay community, you mean stewie? The lisping, baby queen, mother hating, violent, vain, self hating gay character? That’s real support…….Even when Stewie grows up on the show, he’s never happy, has no relationships, is an utter failure and works at Target or some other mass merchandiser……..that’s not exactly a role model for me.

  • Dumdum

    @flinnte: If you look to television for role models then you have some serious damage, especially a CARTOON. Holy mother of god! It’s just an absurd parody with lots of dark humor.G.T.F.U. I think Seth is great. I am sure that you can find something on T.V.Land. Or Disney. I just love Stewie,…”He’s so deliciously evil.”

  • niles

    @tdx3fan: why is it when people dare to criticize something, the “queen” epiteth is invariably dragged out?

  • miniskull

    I think it’s gonna be fun. Seth is sort of an anti-douche bag, which still makes him a d-bag, but at least he’s not afraid of making those obnoxious celebrities in Hollywood. I would love to see him do another “Ricky Gervais” at the Oscar.

  • Ruhlmann

    He’s perfect.

  • dcguys

    First – not a real Oscar’s (or any award show) fan. I want to see everything in action. I understand & appreciate the pomp & circumstance but not for me. (Did I just lose my gay card?)

    On topic, though I think he’s a great choice. I’ve seen a couple of shows where his responses may have been scripted but he seemed natural & spontaneous. Great voice, what I think is the right mix of serious with some sarcasm, dry wit, & plain ole meanness thrown in for balance. I may actually check it out this year just to see what he does.

  • dcguys

    @Dumdum: Hats off, well said, and 4377 yeah!!! (turn it upside down if you have to)

  • Rockery

    I won’t be watching anyway so it does not matter. But he is annoying.

  • Visioak

    I think he’s fine. Any quick search will tell you that he’s a liberal and supporter of the community. Better him than Billy Crystal or Robin Williams.

  • Red Meat

    I just might watch this pretentious shit, next year.

  • Allen D.

    @flinnte: Oh good Lord. Another fool going off about a topic that he is woefully uninformed about.

    Stewie has never been cast as gay (or straight for that matter). From the get-go, they have purposefully played it both ways, never giving a definitive answer. As someone else pointed out, it’s a CARTOON. Maybe you should watch it, rather than making a quick short list of things you presume to be “gay”.

    “never happy, has no relationships, is an utter failure and works at Target or some other mass merchandiser…” Funny thing, I know people of BOTH sexual orientations that fit all of those too.

    And again, you look to a CARTOON as a role model? Are you the same guy who invokes Madonna’s stances when arguing with his family?

  • gppm1103

    @Allen D.: Excellent Allen D……At 58 and 2012, I still can’t get over the bitchy gay men who think they are absolute experts on Oscars, Emmys, Project Runway or Glee.

    Seth McFarland is hosting the Oscars. The show itself is not that great. If you want cotton candy fun, watch it and enjoy a funny talented guy.

    Go Seth.

  • jwrappaport

    @biguy: Jeez Louise. Stop being so humorless and self-righteous, especially over someone who is clearly in support of equality.

    Go Seth! Love Family Guy. Loved Ted. Seth is therefore awesome. QED.

  • Niall

    Family Guy is usually at the extremes for me. Really funny or awfully bleh, so we’ll see how this goes. I did like his last SNL hosting though.

  • boring

    If there’s anything Seth MacFarlane is more obsessed with than poop jokes, it’s super traditional old-timey Hollywood glitz and glamor. Not only is he a perfect choice, he almost feels way too safe a choice, too.

  • BiL

    Any one that can tell the religious right to suck his balls is the perfect host.

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