Real World‘s Ryan Leslie Takes Furor Over Always Being Called Gay to Twitter

Ryan Leslie, the F-word using resident homophobe on The Real World: New Orleans who gets creeped out when non-heterosexuals engage in sexual activity, isn’t done maligning queers now that taping is over. There’s Twitter for that.

Two middle-of-the-night tweets last week have the mood swingers at GLAAD upset; the organization has even tweeted Leslie, hah.

But what will we do about his homoerotic YouTube videos?

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  • jamison

    a collection of this guy’s totally not homophobic tweets

    RT @mweezy11: preston is a faggot, mackenzie is a drunk, knight is ugly, and @imRyanLeslie is so dang fine!
    July 21, 2010 11:07:32 PM EDT via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    I’m not homophobic!! And even if I were I would be aloud to be! So chill out
    July 23, 2010 4:33:48 PM EDT via Twitter for BlackBerry®

    No one threatened anti gay people chill the fuck out you crazies (response to GLAAD)
    July 24, 2010 8:06:39 PM EDT via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  • Carina

    I remember when MTV used to cast interesting young people for their reality shows instead of loser fame whores. Ryan Leslie needs to find a hole (like the sinkhole that swallowed the Escalade), crawl in it and stay for 5 or 10 years. He’s disgusting.

  • L.

    That video was far less homoerotic than it was homophobic.

    I’m not one to routinely brandish the homophobe foul card, but that was… that was even below what he’s done so far on RW, as RW is heavily scripted and one could imagine the network to be behind the ratings-feeding feud. But one can’t imagine that his YT videos are anything but his idea of funny, and his idea of funny is being homophobic.

  • Brandon H

    Would someone please take one for the team and fuck him already! Maybe it will shut him up.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Stop calling him gay, and start calling him a “queen”. That’ll really piss him off.

  • Mike L.

    Ugh I refuse to watch that vid. Bye.

  • CJ


  • Blah

    Kid is as gay as a second rate Broadway production in Little Rock.

  • Jimmy

    I stopped watching MTV when it stopped the M- Music.

    Please don’t stop the music!

  • Toby

    Guys, coming out is HARD. Double that if your parents are assholes.

    All Ryan needs to do is get away from everyone, find a nice patient, understanding gay “friend” that will help him slowly come out.

  • Hilarious

    And this is why I was questioning why anyone gave a damn that his toothbrush got pissed on.

    Nasty? Yes. Deserved? Yes.

    He probably liked the taste anyway. He seems like the type of guy that’ll come out one day at random and go hardcore into some fetish dungeon never to be seen by “normal” people again.

  • L.

    @Hilarious: C’mon, it’s just revolting. You can’t do that sort of thing. The only way to engage a lunatic homophobe like Ryan is to have informed, level-headed, civilized, enlightening conversations to show him the error of his ways.

    And if that doesn’t work, sh*t in his morning cereal.

  • Hilarious

    @L.: You’re right, but I still want to punch him in the face.


    Absolute best line of the season; Ryan crying “There’s nothing Gay about me at all”………

  • Pip

    wow his youtube videos are so stupid. like, really stupid.

  • L.

    @Hilarious: And sully your nice hands (I’m assuming you have pretty hands) in the process? Not worth it.

  • L.

    @Ryan: “even if I were I would be *aloud* to be!”

    If it were up to me, I’d rather you were *silenced*.

  • stefan

    how is this idiot even still convincing HIMSELF that he’s straight? It’s beyond obvious.
    & I know coming out is hard, but guess what- all gay people go through it. Some people have it easier than others, but there are plenty of queens out there who are lightyears stronger than this guy b/c they aren’t afraid in the end to be themselves.

    Such tragedy all on tape.

  • adman

    @stefan: You’re right, this really is a first..I’ve seen a few really struggle against coming out, the spitting, cursing, homophobia as a smokescreen types, but I’ve never seen it played out in reality TV land. He really is a disgusting one though, he really learned his act from a indifferent/dissaproving mother type.

    Oh well, If he ever, and I means EVER steps into our watering hole, he’ll have that ego tested no doubt. I’d love to be the one to slam him in the parking lot, personally. See how a few hastily removed facial piercings look. He probably doesn’t even know the ones he wants are above him in all ways and he’ll have to scrape the bottom of the barrel instead. Whatever, ego is as ego does. Besides, he looks like a chicken. There’s one of ’em in my partners’ workplace at the moment, and he is utterly alone with his “straight christian privilege”, every day brings a new punchline.

  • TonyD

    Gay/not gay- name calling and bullying doesn’t make you any better and the childish argument, “He started it” doesn’t cut it either. Try being the civil adults in this case and maybe you won’t be guilty of what others have done to us- bully us because we’re different.

  • Dancy

    @Carina: It’s the fame whores that keep me coming back for more! If I want to see level headed people with values, I’ll got watch another channel. If I want to see 20-somethings acting like idiots and some braty teen moms, I’ll watch MTV.

  • karina

    Omg Ryan is soo fuking hott.he’s not fuking gay dumb bitchessss!

  • Me

    Gayer than Preston. That is obvious. What a bitch.

  • You


    Well, yeah. But he’s not a bitch for being gay. He is a bitch for being gay and hateful to gay people. Also a bitch for how he acts and responds to his roommates who want to help him. It would be pretty hard to be a bigger asshole than Ryan.

  • HelloKitty


  • I

    Ryan is hot and stop hating on him for being himself!!!

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