110127_29_165841“All my life I thought I just had a shitty personality because I couldn’t seem to form good relationships with anyone, whether platonic or otherwise,” begins the online confession. But you might want to hold off on doling out the empathy until you’ve heard him out.

“My experience cat fishing has convinced me otherwise. It is so so easy to talk to people when they think you’re someone who is attractive,” he continues, and suddenly we feel a little queasy.

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Catfishing, of course, is the act of using a false identity on social media to lure in unsuspecting victims, whether it be to convince them to send you racy photos or the mere entertainment value of tricking someone into trusting you. And this Redditor is apparently a pro, utilizing apps like Grindr and Tinder to chat hot guys up.

And while the act is entirely irredeemable, something about this remorseless catfisher gives us the feels.

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“Guys open up to me, take revealing pictures of themselves, and express their love for me…Turns out my people skills have been good enough all this time, I’m just too damn ugly for anyone to take me seriously. This is at once maddening and liberating,” he reveals.

Can you really blame a guy who’s been made to feel like he’s less-than because of the way he looks for finding an outlet?

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Well, it turns out you can. Yeah, you definitely can. Especially after you hear the real crux — his agenda, if you will.

“I like taking hot guys down a peg. They’ve been given so much and are so blissfully unaware if it. I love getting them to take pics of themselves playing with their ass…For all the benefits they receive for being born good looking I feel like they deserve to be punished just a little but for it. I think that’s fair. Ultimately I’m not really hurting anyone. Just temporarily embarrassing them. But they can handle it.”

Alright that’s a bit too twisted, and coming from us that’s saying something.

Yet another reminder that you never know who you’re really dealing with online. Be careful out there!

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