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The results are in: Gay and bi men rank members of Trump Administration by “f*ckability”

The good folks over at The Stranger recently conducted a survey about the “most f*ckable” members of the Trump Administration.

Nearly 9,000 people of various genders, backgrounds, and sexual orientations participated in the study.

The cabinet members included: Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Ben Carson, Betsy Devos, and Omarosa Manigault, who technically isn’t a member of the administration anymore but whatevz.

Now, here are the eight members ranked by gay men:

And here are the rankings provided by bi guys:

Not-so-surprisingly, Jared Kushner ranks #1 male for both gay and bi guys. Meanwhile, Omarosa Manigault ranks #1 female.

Donald Trump comes in last for both groups.

Interestingly, bi guys find Ben Carson more f*ckable than Mike Pence. Meanwhile, gay guys find Mike Pence more f*ckable than Ben Carson, which is sorta weird given that Pence is, hands down, the most homophobic member of the Trump Administration.

The Stranger pontificates:

Maybe it’s an internalized homophobia thing? Or maybe gay guys want to stick it to Pence by sticking it in him? Or maybe gay guys are more likely to be racist than bi guys? Or maybe gay guys think of Carson as “cute” and Pence as a “daddy”? And bi guys prefer cuteness and gay men prefer daddies? Who knows. I’m grasping at straws.

The survey concluded by asking respondents how traumatized they were by having to imagine sex with these eight members of the Trump’s cabinet. They were then asked to slide a dot across a bar and place it in the spot that best corresponded to their feelings.

Gay men found the survey slightly more traumatizing than bi men, ranking the experience about a 6 out of 10, whereas bi men gave it about a 5 out of 10.

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