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Rick Scott throws a hissy fit on live TV because he says the White House hung up on him

It looks like Sen. Lindsey Graham isn’t the only treasonous Republican who President Joe Biden won’t pick up the phone for.

Last night, Sen. Rick Scott went on Laura Ingraham‘s show to bitch about how no one at the White House will take his calls.

“It’s so bad, Laura,” the Florida congressman said. “I called the White House this week over something that’s going on in Cuba and they hung up on me. I said, ‘I’m a sitting U.S. Senator. You won’t take a message or anything?’ They said, ‘No. It’s disrespectful to say that.’ And they hung up on me!”

Scott, who famously refused to use the words “gay” and “LGBTQ” when acknowledging the Pulse shooting in 2016, implied that the reason the White House wouldn’t speak to him was because he’s a Republican.

While that certainly could be why, we’re guessing his attempts at overturning the 2020 election results, his opposition to the January 6 investigation, his undying support of Donald Trump, and the fact that he never misses an opportunity to attack Joe Biden or Kamala Harris in the press might have more to do with it. But who knows?

Of course, that’s also assuming Scott is even telling the truth. Given his track record, there’s a very likely chance none of this ever happened and he’s making the whole thing up.

Now, the responses…

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