Meanwhile, Bill Maher Takes On Right (Of Course)

Rosie Under Fire For Prop 8 Silence

Perpetually outraged activist Michael Petrelis and some of his chums are absolutely fuming over
Rosie O’Donnell’s
apparent silence on Proposition 8. Writes Greg Hernandez from Out In Hollywood:

Just finished checking Rosie O’Donnell’s blog and find it kind of mind-boggling that she is writing about “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and old Reese Witherspoon movies and not a word about Proposition 8. I am curious about why Rosie, always so outspoken, has been so out of the picture …

Now what about the fight for equal rights in California Rosie? Any thoughts? Maybe we’ll hear from her after the election because, as she writes, “i am trying to stay away from the news as we near the finish line … the noise distracts me i believe.”

While we’re on the subject of Hernandez and his adventures in Homo-Wood – the journalist had a chance to chat with Bill Maher about Proposition 8. And, yes, Maher’s got an opinion.

First and foremost, the politically-minded entertainer simply flabbergasted people are donating their hard earned money to meddle in other people’s lives, ie: the millions social conservatives have amassed to overturn gay marriage. Maher’s also taken aback by the vitriol of the debate, although he’s not surprised:

It is ugly because it’s prejudice. It’s denying people their civil rights. And it all comes from religion. If there wasn’t a Bible, no one would ever think twice about homosexuality. It’s obviously something that occurs in nature. It’s just that it says in the old book of Jewish fairy tales that you’re not supposed to do it with people of your own sex.