Meanwhile, Bill Maher Takes On Right (Of Course)

Rosie Under Fire For Prop 8 Silence

Perpetually outraged activist Michael Petrelis and some of his chums are absolutely fuming over
Rosie O’Donnell’s
apparent silence on Proposition 8. Writes Greg Hernandez from Out In Hollywood:

Just finished checking Rosie O’Donnell’s blog and find it kind of mind-boggling that she is writing about “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and old Reese Witherspoon movies and not a word about Proposition 8. I am curious about why Rosie, always so outspoken, has been so out of the picture …

Now what about the fight for equal rights in California Rosie? Any thoughts? Maybe we’ll hear from her after the election because, as she writes, “i am trying to stay away from the news as we near the finish line … the noise distracts me i believe.”

While we’re on the subject of Hernandez and his adventures in Homo-Wood – the journalist had a chance to chat with Bill Maher about Proposition 8. And, yes, Maher’s got an opinion.

First and foremost, the politically-minded entertainer simply flabbergasted people are donating their hard earned money to meddle in other people’s lives, ie: the millions social conservatives have amassed to overturn gay marriage. Maher’s also taken aback by the vitriol of the debate, although he’s not surprised:

It is ugly because it’s prejudice. It’s denying people their civil rights. And it all comes from religion. If there wasn’t a Bible, no one would ever think twice about homosexuality. It’s obviously something that occurs in nature. It’s just that it says in the old book of Jewish fairy tales that you’re not supposed to do it with people of your own sex.


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  • Steff

    I don’t understand the desire to harangue all these people into donating money/speaking out. =/

  • ggreen

    Hey everyone feel free to look up contributions to the No on 8 Campaign. At :

    Two other missing names: Andrew Belonsky & David Hauslaib. Not even a thin dime from our Queerty Editors. Cheap Cheap Cheap

  • GayBobVT

    While not a big Rosie fan, I’ll concede she may consider this a state’s right issue… if it were a NY ballot measure and she was silent THEN you could jump on her (so to speak).

  • kdogg

    Quite disheartening. I feel that its necessary to fight for marriage in each and every state in the Union. I would also like to hear from’s Editors what they’ve done for Prop 8… since they’ve been called out!!!

  • ksu499

    Maybe it is best that Rosie keep silent. She certainly has a way of raising hackles in certain circles. She ought to write a big check, if she has not already, and she may have and asked not to be mentioned for the aforementioned reason, but silence is probably her best policy.

  • John O'Malley

    Well, seeing as most to all celebrities or companies have supported only the intiatives in their respective states, it makes sense that she wouldn’t say anything. If anything should be brought to light, why haven’t the celebrities supported ALL the states that trying to foil their Propositions? Florida needs way more help then California.

  • mark

    Everyone with a head knows the queer haters would LOVE to have Rosie as their target to put her face on No on Prop 8, she’s their favorite whipping boy. Rosie’s position on marriage and adoption is NO SECRET, and I’d be very suprised if she isn’t donating and working in a low key manner for the causes in several states.

  • Steff

    Tracy Chapman donated $10,000? Cool!

  • ted

    Well, don’t believe everything in that admittedly very cool donation list. Both my parents are listed but I’m not, and I’ve given money five times.

  • Andy

    So now the activists are keeping track of how much who is giving, what they are saying, how much they are saying, when they are saying it…isn’t this some kind of reverse, fucked up political fascism from the other direction?

    I am all for fighting this – but pressuring and forcing people to do what YOU want when YOU want them too, that kind of gives me the creeps…


  • blake


    Last week, the pro-Prop 8 folks sent threatening letters to businesses that donated money to fight 8.

  • JJ

    So maybe Donald Trump was right in all those insults he hurled her way.

    How can she sponsor those cruises that inflame the small Caribbean nations and not act against prop 8?

    I don’t understand it.

  • Cam

    Look, Rosie has always been a coward. She pretended to be in love with Cruise, and didn’t come out until after she was already announcing the end of her show AND several lesbian groups were talking to the press outing her. Ellen came out when she had a hit show on TV, now THAT is a hero.

  • emb

    Steff (No. 1): I’m not sure it counts as “haranguing” to point out that a normally outspoken out gay celebrity who’s never lacked an opinion on pretty much anything, and who’s never been shy about condemning others’ anti-gay opinions, is being strangely Silent on a very real, tangible issue of importance to gay and lesbian Californians. Rosie’s support could easily motivate significant activism in our community, and her silence on Prop 8 is just…weird.

  • Michael

    Rosie has a link on her website to VOTE NO on PROP 8 on the right hand side of her page.

  • Jaroslaw

    It would be really nice if Rosie donated, maybe she has already anonymously but last I heard, she was a celebrity, not running for “Saint” or “philosipher” of the year. This is not to excuse completely if she didn’t do anything, but a person’s popularity as a celebrity should not hinge on their politics. Eating live puppies, or beating your spouse, abusing your child – those are very different subjects.

  • Farrah

    What to me is more deplorable is that Rosie’s pal Madonna, who has the gays to thank for keeping her 50 year old butt around all this time, has yet to drop a dime to “No on Prop 8.” UNBELIEVABLE.

    I know there are Madonna die-hards out there who will blast me for saying she’s done plenty for AIDS projects in years past, and she has. However, this is a defining civil right movement and she’s yet to donate or help.

    I’m deeply disappointed in her and have once again been shown the kind of hypocrite that she is.

  • RS

    @ Ted, interesting to hear that the database may not be completely up to date. I’ve donated twice but only one is showing up. Quite a lot of friends and colleagues whom I assumed would donate aren’t there. Glad to hear it could be slow reporting or something, because it would make me sad if they got married and then didn’t do anything to oppose Prop 8.

  • LappyDappy

    >>Madonna, who has the gays to thank for keeping her 50 year old butt around all this time, has yet to drop a dime to “No on Prop 8.”

    Farrah, with her marriage to Guy skidding scandalously on the rocks and in print, Madonna may have soured on ALL marriage. :-D

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    GGreen, good point on the tight-waded Editors of Queerty who are probably scoring Crystal Meth from the DJ at G-Lounge.

    Rosie might be a Hillary fan (and didn’t see her dream of a Madam President) and is subsequently mad at the Democratic Party but not enough to weigh in.

    Also, can people donate anonymously so the “Fake Left” Hit Squad don’t call every celebrity a homophobe?

  • tracy johnson

    Rosie doesn’t live in California. She gives plenty to many great causes. But having said that a check would be nice considering she did get married in California.

    On a somewhat related topic. I. DONT. KNOW. HOW. KELLY. DOES. IT!!

  • Puddy Katz

    I thought the gay marriage law in California had a codical: “Not to apply to Rosie O’Donnell”. That’s why she’s angry.
    By the way the photo of Rosie is just duckey!

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  • bigjake75

    @ggreen: nice. truly, the emperor has no clothes!

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