Some people are good at spreading lying, racist, misogynist nonsense, and others still need a little more practice. Sean Hannity, a talking football, demonstrated his ineptitude this week by accusing Hillary Clinton of having been drunk at a rally, then claiming he didn’t. But he did.

First, Sean retweeted a crazy Twitter conspiracy theorist who said “Secret Service Says Hillary was drunk.” Sean passed that helpful information along, with a note reading “God help us.”

Then he had to walk that back, with a new tweet suggesting even more conspiracies:

It’s like every unpleasant uncle/high school acquaintance on Facebook you’ve ever had.

This is a new tactic on the right-wing blogs: accuse Hillary of being a drunk. Hey, sure, why not, none of their other insane lies have stuck, so why not make that up next? They’ve accused her of being a lesbian, accused her of secretly being anti-gay (it’s not true), and of literally being Satan.

Here’s the video in which she’s supposedly drunk. Doesn’t seem like it.

There is of course no reason to believe any of what Republicans and conservatives are saying, but in this election and in this country, the facts don’t matter anymore. What matters is how things make you feel. And Sean Hannity makes us feel like he has penises where his nipples should be. Were not saying he does. Just, you know, God help us if it’s true. For entertainment only.

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