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Spanish TV host Lluís Guilera offers a master class in how to handle homophobic Twitter trolls

Lluís Guilera is a Spanish journalist and TV presenter.

Last week was Father’s Day in Spain and the 44-year-old shared a photo of himself and his husband along with images of their two children.

“Feliz día del padre,” he wrote, which translates to “Happy Father’s Day.”

Cute, right?

We think so!

Sadly, not everybody else did.

Guilera was quickly attacked by homophobes who criticized him and his husband for being gay dads and for using a surrogate to build their family.

“Poor children!” one troll commented. “The effects will be seen over time.”

“Adopted or bought?” another troll wondered.

To which, a third troll responded, “If they are bought, how will you explain to them that you rented the uterus from their biological mother/s?”

“I do not understand how the law can allow two men or two women to adopt,” a fourth troll wrote. “Children need a paternal and maternal reference.”

The comments were truly vile. But Guilera didn’t give into his homophobic bullies. Instead, he took the high road and issued a graceful yet strongly-worded response:

I do not want to get into controversy because it was not the objective of the photo of my family. I just want to ask for respect please. Everyone can say what they want … But with respect. Without prejudice or taking for granted things they do not know. We will be better as a society.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done!

Scroll down for some pics from Guilera’s Instagram page…

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