A gray jockstrap lays on a off white table. A tag on the jockstrap reads "X-Large" and the brand "BIKE." There's a red and blue line across the waist.

Breaking news: another hot take has the people divided on Gay Twitter X. What else is new?

From arguing about kink at Pride and whether dom tops can listen to Selena Gomez, the LGBTQ+ community loves to make our opinions heard. Still, the latest debate is even more intimate than usual.

As in, it revolves around our intimates.

It began with @halloimgreg posing a simple (if not controversial) question: “Why are you, a top, wearing a jock strap?”

To be fair, jockstraps are stereotypically associated with bottoms because of the way they accentuate a backside and offer a sexy, subversive twist on skivvies. But anyone who’s ever been to a gay club (or played a high school sport) knows you’d be a fool to correlate underwear of choice with preferred sexual position.

It seems @halloimgreg knew a firestorm of tops would rush into the replies, especially after he shared a meme about fishing for engagement.

However, that didn’t stop the gays of social media from weighing in with their opinions –– and their own NSFW jockstrap pics. (We encourage you to explore these off the clock.)

Some tops played the offensive –– that’s a sports joke –– with impassioned replies about the benefits of showing off their assets.

Others brought up the alpha male and athletic history of jockstraps, which Lady Gaga did not invent, contrary to popular belief. In fact, friendly dudes back in the 1920s used to shoot hoops in their athletic supporters. (We love history!)

And yet, others agreed that jocks belong to the “catchers,” and the “pitchers” should hit the showers.

Social media discourse aside, in a world of Andrew Christians, Nasty Pigs, and Calvins, it would be unfair to ban tops from enjoying the support, flashiness, and comfort of jockstraps.

After all, if Kim Kardashian can rock an athletic supporter on the cover of Interview Magazine, who are we to exclude any member of the LGBTQ+ community?

The real story we should be talking about is the little known “jockstrap-gate” of 2008. According to Bleacher Report, Congress investigated 25 NFL players who were “accused of wearing each other’s jocks during regular season and playoff games.” (Yes, the boys were swapping panties!)

The government was apparently convinced the bros might have gained a competitive advantage by trading jockstraps.

Although results of the investigation are not readily available, we could’ve closed this case in minutes. The guys probably just had an underwear fetish!

Speaking of which, we’re going to leave you with this pic of Gators quarterback Jeff Driskel in 2013. Perhaps jockstraps are America’s favorite pasttime?

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