The Queerty guide to gay baby names

The Queerty guide to gay baby names: Parent holds the hand of a small child. mother holding baby's hand. rainbow LGBTQ+ bracelet on parents hand.

Let’s face facts here: Gay babies are in. And for every gay baby comes a gay baby name.

Everyone wants one, unless you’re a crazy-evil Southern Baptist who thinks depriving your kid of rainbow-colored crayons will keep them straight.

Gay kids are just like regular children. Except they like to do things like go to Elton John concerts and watch Auntie Mame (both versions!) with you on the sofa all afternoon.

All joking aside, forcing your child’s sexuality to fit your own personal preference is pretty creepy. But giving your child a name that says pizazz and style is a gift no matter their sexuality!

Here’s our guide to the best gay baby names around:

Gay baby names for boys:

Gay baby names: Gay male parents having fun with their son outdoor - Focus on kid boy face

Basically, the gayest name of all time, so your child (and everyone you know) will know right away your personal preference. That said, as stereotypical as the name might be, it has a great pedigree. Just think of the Bruce’s Springteen, Willis, and Wayne. Plus, the name hasn’t been popular since the 50s, making it perfect for the Mommy looking to inject some Mad Men panache to their pride and joy.

A really trendy name right now (it’s the 48th most popular name in 2023), Julian conjures up images of Roman glory, conquest and wrestling. Or, if you’re a Trekkie, Dr. Julian Bashir from Deep Space Nine. All of which are very gay. Not to mention, the name’s shared with civil rights leader Julian Bond, giving it a classy counterculture patina.

Say “Elliot” aloud and try to make it sound anything other than sing-song. Come on, we dare you. See? Doesn’t work. Add to that the fact that it’s the name of a boy who loves aliens, an imaginary dragon, and a sad and tragic singer-songwriter, and you can be pretty sure that a tyke named Elliot will grow up a starry-eyed dreamer.

This name is more popular across the pond in England and the UK. Still, Harvey is a great gay baby name! When we hear this name, we think of the legendary politician Harvey Milk, who was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. Plus, the song “Harvey” by Her’s (RIP) is obviously a gay love song, so we think this name fits perfectly on the list!

Baby names for girls:

Girl gay baby names: Portrait of smiling young african american woman with child taking selfie at beach with her best friend. Cheerful multiethnic gay couple enjoying at beach with daughter during summer holiday.

Straight from the heart of Wales, Enid means “soul” or “life” and it’s back in action after a century-long nap. This name practically screams horn-rimmed glasses and a love of self-published zines. Enids are the type to hang out in Seattle’s coffee shops. And yes, they’re probably Coe’s BFF (keep reading for more on Coe).

If you have a boy and a girl and live in Palm Springs, it would be a crime not to name one child Sandra and the other Bruce (see above). Take your mid-century modern obsession to it logical conclusion– and to the Dinah Shore Classic. You’ll be an instant hit. Just don’t be surprised when your child starts swearing at you about what a bitch Madonna is.

Another great name with a queer and femme history. Just like the legendary Lilith, who refused to play by the rules and did her own thing, girls named Lilith are gonna be all about staying true to themselves, being strong-willed, and breaking free from the norm. And when those teenage years roll around, you might want to keep the therapist on speed dial!

We actually think “Ellen” may be the gay equivalent of “A Boy Named Sue.” Should you name your daughter after daytime’s ex-dancing lesbian, you can be pretty sure she’ll wind up sleeping with every guy she can get her overcompensating hands on. Of course, the fact you dressed her in vests and tennis shoes her whole childhood probably didn’t help, either.

Gender neutral baby names

Gender neutral gay baby names: LGBT, happy portrait and relax family, child or people care, smile and lesbian bond together, lying and on floor carpet. Mothers face, top view kid and non binary parents, homosexual mom or gay women

It might just be the “qu” in the name that reminds us of “queer”. But Quinn seems like a fun, gender neutral name for a kid. It means “counsel” in Gaellic and, thankfully, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman has been off the air long enough that none of the kids on the playground will make fun of them.

Bet you’ve never heard this name before! Coe is the chosen name of one of our cherished guest editors, who, by the way, is as gay and gender fluid as they come. So, if you’re looking for a name that’s both uniquely cool and wonderfully gender-neutral, Coe is a great choice.

Selecting Alex as your baby’s name is basically giving them the VIP pass to the Name World theme park. It’s the all-access, front-of-the-line, no-hassle name choice – versatile, stylish, and lugging around zero extra baggage. Alex is the gender-neutral superstar of names. And guess what? It’s so timeless that even your great-great-grandkids will still be rockin’ it.

To be completely honest, we might be a tad biased here because we’re crushing hard on someone named Jamie, who happens to be a fabulous non-binary, ultra-gay individual. But naming your baby Jamie opens up a world of possibilities – from the dashing “Jay” to the delightful “J,” or something in-between! Plus, with a name like Jamie, they might just follow in the artistic, musical, and literary footsteps of the incredible non-binary Jamie Stewart.

What would you name your gay baby? And what names scream queer to you? Let us know below!

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