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Every day, intrepid souls are finding new frontiers in artificial intelligence. Observe, for example, how Reddit user u/TwoAuthorsOnePage got ChatGPT to write him a “yassified” breakup letter. 

And then he used that letter for—check notes—an opening message with a Tinder match?

If you’ve been living a Luddite existence in recent months—aside, of course, from your Queerty consumption—know that ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses language models to generate text based on user prompts.

If you’re above the age of 30, know that “yassification” is “the act of making someone or something gayer or more girlboss,” in the words of an Urban Dictionary definition. (We’re an “old,” too, so we had to get clarification.)

And if you’ve been happily partnered for years now, know that Tinder is a dating app.

OK, onto what ChatGPT’s output for a yassified breakup letter:

Hey queen, It’s time for us to spill the tea, because our relationship just isn’t serving us anymore. It’s been a journey, but I think it’s time for us to part was and slay our own paths. I know it’s hard to say goodbye, but sometimes we just gotta yasss to our own self-love and growth. Don’t get it twisted, you will always be a fierce and fabulous part of my life, and I will always love and respect you as a queen. But for now, we need to sashay away and give ourselves the space to find our own place to werk and be our true huntie selves.

In the comments of his post on the r/gay subreddit, u/TwoAuthorsOnePage admitted that he added the “sashay away” part himself.

He also said that his Tinder match hadn’t responded to that outreach, but at least now he knows that it’s not true love. “It’s why I sent it,” he wrote. “I figured the type of man I’d want to be with would play along.”

“Not you dating on hard mode,” a Reddit user responded.

“Yes, ma’am, just how I like it,” u/TwoAuthorsOnePage wrote back.

Others shared their thoughts on his peculiar opening message.

“If this is how AI understands gay men we’re all f*cked,” wrote one Redditor.

“I am not saying this is the worst thing I’ve ever read but it is definitely in the top 10,” added a second.

“Maybe the wrong message to send as an opener,” commented a third.

While another broke it all down in simple terms. “Yeah, it just comes off as unhinged. If you’re going to do a bit to try and grab a new match’s attention, it should probably be something that’s welcoming and funny instead of basically saying ‘we matched, now here’s a bitchy slap in the face completely devoid of context that basically says I’m not interested in you.'”

Eventually, he did hear back from his Tinder match and their reaction to the yassified letter was not what he had been hoping for.

“Unfortunately my ‘cringe’ sense of humor did not jive with this match, but that’s the risk of opening win a joke. Sometimes they don’t land,” wrote u/TwoAuthorsOnePage.

Well, if it’s any consolation, the joke lands with us! We say “yassss” to him slaying his own path, as ChatGPT would say.

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