Snubbed Queen

About that time Jim Hutton turned down Freddie Mercury…

So it wasn’t love at first sight.

A newly uncovered portion of a 1994 interview reveals hat Jim Hutton, the longtime boyfriend of Freddie Mercury, actually met him several times before he agreed to a date with the lead singer of Queen.

“We first met accidentally in a club. He offered to buy me a drink and I told him to sling his hook, basically. I didn’t know who he was,” Hutton told Channel 4 in the UK. “He was a total, absolute stranger.”

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Their paths would soon cross again. “Some months after that,” Hutton attests, “I was out at a restaurant and a friend I was with just happened to mention, ‘Oh, guess who’s behind you…’ [It was] Freddie Mercury again. I didn’t see Freddie Mercury again for 18 months and then bumped into him in a club. That was it. The same routine again: ‘Let me buy you a drink…'”

Hutton and Mercury eventually began a relationship in 1985 that would last until the singer’s death from AIDS in 1991. The pair wore wedding bands, with Mercury dying in his. Hutton himself died in 2010.