Troye Sivan

A lie detector test has Troye Sivan feeling the rush.

The 28-year-old singer spilled all the tea for Vanity Fair’s ongoing lie detector video interview series, which features celebrities being quizzed on various topics while hooked up to a polygraph, and the results may have him wanting to avoid run-ins with Cher and the cast of “Queer Eye.”

Before we get into his contentious answers, the little monsters of the world will be happy to know Sivan had nothing but praise for Mother herself.

When tasked to say if he thought he was a better actor than other singers turned actors, Sivan bowed down to the dramatic skills of Lady Gaga.

“I think she’s better than me, for sure,” The Idol star said. “She’s awesome.” We have a House of Gucci fan among us!

But it got a little more controversial when the conversation moved over to another iconic female pop superstar.

When Cher’s theatrical skills came up, Sivan stumbled and actually outed himself as not being familiar with the living legend’s filmography.

“I have never actually seen …”, he began to say, before trying to couch his gay faux pas. “Was she in Mamma Mia? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie with Cher in it.” Blasphemy!

Every card-carrying homosexual knows Cher was not in Mamma Mia, but in the film’s sequel, Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again.

But even more alarming is the fact that Sivan has never laid his queer eyes on Silkwood, Mask, The Witches of Eastwick, Suspect, Mermaids, Burlesque, or Cher’s Oscar-winning turn in Moonstruck.

You do not want to piss off Cherilyn Sarkisian, so we hope there’s a movie marathon in Troye’s very near future or else he”ll risk having his twink legend status revoked!

When the subject moved on to Sivan’s love of interior design, his truth-telling ways left the cast of Queer Eye completely gutted.

Asked if he thought he had a “better eye for decor” than the Netflix show’s design expert Bobby Berk, Sivan initially tried to play it safe by saying, “I prefer my eye.” But his answer didn’t fly with Vanity Fair who reminded him it was a yes or no question.

Smiling through his embarrassment, Sivan laid down the gauntlet and reluctantly answered “yes” while holding up Berk’s image. Shots fired!

credit: YouTube (screenshot)

Although the Fab 5 may have issue with Sivan’s answer, it appears the “Rush” singer is doubling down on his decor skills with the launch of his new lifestyle brand.

The collection of luxury scents and home goods is entitled Tsu Lange Yor, which means “long life” in Yiddish, and will be available to purchase online later this month.

Among the other revelations in Sivan’s scandalous lie detector test were the identity of his celebrity crush, his favorite pop girlie collaboration so far, and how he trolled Kelly Clarkson.

Check out all the dish served in Sivan’s lie detector test below:

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