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What to watch: more ‘Judy,’ Catholic homophobia and Jessica Biel in a lesbian mystery

Jojo Rabbit

Stepping out on a movie date this weekend? Netflix and chillin? Whatever your entertainment needs, we got your back (and hopefully your mind) with Queerty’s weekly “Culture Club” column with some of the highlights of new releases, streaming shows, classics worth revisiting, and what to drink while you watch.

The Watch: Sid & Judy

For anyone reveling in the Judyssance—the sudden resurgence of Judy Garland in popular culture—and needing a new fix, be sure to check out Stephen Kijack’s new Showtime documentary Sid & Judy. The film focuses on the torrid marriage of Garland to husband Sid Luft, and features hereto unreleased audio recordings of the couple, as well as personal correspondence narrated by John Hamm and Jennifer Jason Leigh. While Judy painted a somewhat sanitized version of the grand gay icon, Sid & Judy doesn’t pull punches, illuminating a far grittier picture of Garland’s addiction, alcoholism and mood swings. Fascinating and shocking, Sid & Judy finds new insight into Garland, Luft, and one of Hollywood’s strangest love stories.

Debuts on Showtime October 18.

The Step-Out: By The Grace of God

The rape and molestation scandals covered up by the Catholic church continue to make headlines in the US, and abroad. Based on a true story, By The Grace of God chronicles the story of four men in France who band together to expose and bring justice to the priest that molested them as children. Much like the Oscar-winning American film Spotlight—though far darker and more harrowing—By The Grace of God depicts the Catholic church more as a political body than a religious one, and an entity more concerned with raising money and concealing the misdeeds of its officers than protecting its members. The movie also underlines how the church has tried to deflect blame by associating child molestation with gay men specifically, as well as stigmatize the victims.

In theatres in New York October 18. National rollout to follow.

The Binge: Schitt’s Creek Season 5

Season 5 of the beloved Canadian comedy finally arrives stateside, courtesy of a distribution deal with Netflix. This season finds Moira (the ever-brilliant Catherine O’Hara) attempting to revive her acting career with a bizarre movie called Crows, while David (Dan Levy) decides to move in with his boyfriend. As always, Schitt’s Creek has no shortage of scathing humor, though this season adds a new level of frankness to its queer romance. With anticipation already at a fever pitch for the final season, what better way to take the edge off than with a 14-episode run-up?

Streams on Netflix.

The Stream: Limetown

Jessica Biel stars in this new potboiler mystery for Facebook’s streaming channel, Facebook Watch. Based on the popular fictional podcast, Limetown follows the investigation of a lesbian journalist into the disappearance of the entire population of an Appalachian town. The series adaptation also fleshes out the story of Biel’s Lia, including her relationship her girlfriend, played by the beautiful Candice McClure (of Battlestar Galactica). Oscar-winner Marlee Matalin and Stanley Tucci also star in this quiet drama both marvelously queer, and damn addictive.

Releases free on Facebook Watch every Wednesday.

The Outrageous: Jojo Rabbit

Todd Phillips, director of Joker, made headlines recently for his comments that social progress has ruined comedy. (Sorry Todd, but calling someone “gay” as an insult isn’t funny…and never was) Phillips would do well to check out JoJo Rabbit writer/director/actor Tiaka Waititi’s outrageous new satire about a boy and his imaginary friend: Adolph Hitler. Yes, really. Waititi creates a camp send up of toxic masculinity, not to mention Nazism, with some very big laughs and surprisingly touching moments. Young Roman Griffin Davis gives a terrific performance as the title character, though the film also features winning work from Scarlett Johassen as his mother and Sam Rockwell as a Nazi soldier who seems far more into the kinky fashion than the party ideology.

In select cinemas October 18.

The Zen: I am Queer

As LGBTQ History Month continues, spare a few minutes on I Am Queer, a series of new video essays about what it means to belong to the LGBTQ community. Yassi selects a diverse group of subjects that run the full spectrum of queerness, who share their stories about coming out, the importance of the community, and how sharing stories within the community enriches us all. It’s a fine way to find a little gratitude for the support and progress of the community, and a little bit of pride too.

Streams free on YouTube.

The Sip: A Vodka/Tonic

In honor of Judy Garland, as well as Moira Rose of Schitt’s Creek, sip on something both ladies loved: a vodka tonic. Strong and simple, the cocktail is good for all occasions–including when on a dietary cleanse.

  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part soda water
  • Fresh lime

Mix vodka & soda to taste. Add lime as a garnish.

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