WATCH: Kellyanne Conway finally starting to crack as CNN anchor corners her on live TV

Trump spin doctor Kellyanne Conway has one of the toughest jobs in America, and for that reason we feel obliged to afford her a bit of absolutely zero sympathy whatsoever. She gives complacency a whole new name.

But is the thick shell she’s constructed between herself and reality finally beginning to crumble? By the looks of this chat with CNN’s Jake Tapper, all signs point to ‘yes.’ And it’s about time.

Even by her standards, defending the President’s attack on the “dishonest press” for not covering terror attacks was a particularly Sisyphean task. And for Tapper it was clearly personal. He has colleagues still risking their lives every day to report on terror-stricken regions, and that’s to say nothing of the fact that terror attacks are widely covered over a vast range of media outlets the world over.

“It’s offensive,” Tapper tells Conway at one point.

And for once Conway, always ready with a fresh new dump truck of “alternative facts,” seemed deflated.

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“Saying that we don’t cover terrorism, that’s just false,” Tapper said.

Conway did try to spin it around to complain about the inordinate amount of coverage candidate Trump received during the brutal election season (arguably the only reason her guy won), but that spark we’re used to seeing from her appears to be well on its way towards extinguished.

“That’s a lovely spin, but that’s not what he was saying Kellyanne,” Tapper immediately responds, turning the conversation to Trump’s explicit accusation that the media has some “ulterior motive” for brushing terror attacks under the proverbial rug.

Then he brings up the recent deadly  terror attack last month at a mosque in Quebec City, carried out by a white nationalist supporter of Trump.

“President Trump has not said or tweeted one public word about this,” Tapper said, asking, “You want to talk about ignoring terrorism, why hasn’t the president offered his sympathy to our neighbors in the north?”

No human being can continue on Kellyanne’s path without losing steam (hello Bowling Green massacre), and this ship looks like it’s about to go down.

Interview Part 2: