WATCH: Queen Latifah Confesses Her Thoughts On Marrying The Gays At The Grammys

Want to know how Queen Latifah really felt while officiating the historic mass wedding of 33 couples, many of whom were same-sex, during last night’s Grammy Awards? She’s still pretty euphoric today. “We had us a wed’n!” the entertainer exclaimed on an episode of The Queen Latifah Show. The rapper-turned-actress-turned talk show host has never publicly spoken about her own much-discussed-by-others sexual orientation, but that didn’t stop her from promoting marriage equality in front of the largest possible audience.

In the episode scheduled to air tomorrow, the Queen shared an all-access video that included her being deputized as a commissioner of civil marriages, mingling with Madonna and later signing the necessary documents to legalize all the newlywed couples. After writing her name on the final document, Latifah shouted “You’re married!” and looked into the camera to state that this is “life as it should be.” Back in front of her studio audience, she confessed that her mind is blown and she “will never, ever forget that experience.”