Vickie Meyers was arrested at Phoenix Sky Harbour airport
The woman was arrested at Phoenix Sky Harbour airport (Photo: TikTok)

2021 has yielded a plethora of ‘Karen’ videos and footage of people venting their frustration on airplanes. Who can forget these clips of authorities apprehending people in airports, some because of a failure to comply with mask mandates and others because of their participation in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

A woman from Missouri will likely be regretting her own particular holiday rage. On Sunday, she tried to board a plane out of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport in Arizona. However, she was late and the security doors to the jetway had already been closed.

Most of us would have cursed ourselves and thrown our hands up in frustration. We doubt any of you would have thought it a good idea to force the doors open, run down the stairs to the tarmac, and still try to board the plane.

However, that’s allegedly what Vickie Meyers, 53, from St. Louis did.

She was stopped by authorities at the foot of the stairs and escorted back up to the airport. Running on the tarmac of an airport is a felony, so she was immediately cuffed and carted off to Maricopa County Jail. According to KNXV-TV, there are signs in both English and Spanish warning passengers not to trespass.

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According to cops, Meyers told a police officer, “I’m trying to stop the plane so I don’t miss it.”

Another airport user who witnessed the incident, Bryan Jones, told KNXV-TV, “She decided to go out the emergency exit doors onto the tarmac and start arguing with the ground crew why she should be let onto the plane still.”

Vickie Meyers
Vickie Meyers (Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)

Myers has been charged with criminal trespassing on a crucial public service facility. She was later released and allowed to return to St Louis but must return to Phoenix in January for a court hearing.

The whole incident was captured on video and has gone viral on TikTok.

@anthonyk892Karen missed her flight, decided to walk out emergency exit onto tarmac. Gets felony trespassing.♬ KAREN – PrettyUgly

@anthonyk892Raw arrest video with original sound.♬ original sound – Anthony K892

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