Will Elton John + Lady Gaga’s Grammy Duet Mesh ‘Rocket Man’ With ‘Bad Romance’?

Reports that cranky gay Elton John and wannabe gay Lady Gaga are teaming up for a performance at Sunday’s Grammy Awards would be a reasonable follow-up, nine years later, to Elton’s 2001 pairing Eminem. To go from dueting with a homophobic lyricist to a team-up with a gay rights champion? The only question that remains is who is going to bang on the piano keys louder.

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  • Sam

    I was just looking at other articles and am getting really sick of Queery (and the young idiots that run it) posting countless negative shit about Madonna and trying to jam GaGa down our throats. I’m in my mid-20’s and getting sick of all this GaGa hype. The girl is talented and entertaining but she’s just following the path Madonna (whoses been an ally to the gay community for 30 years) paved for her.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Madonna was not an ally to her gay brother when she was married to that homophobic asshole and I’m glad he wrote that book about Evil Big Sister who is on record as not being for Gay Marriage until her Sticky and Sweet tour – hypocrite! You have to accept the fact that Madonna is old and Elton is a big Auntie that looks like Tangina in Poltergeist (with respect to Zelda Rubinstein who recently passed!)

    The Grammys have sucked since their inception and are judged by people completely out of touch with an iPod download, thinking it’s a new type of face-lift!

    Lady Gaga is the reigning Gay Icon and much more interesting than the entire 80s Madonna decade! Rihanna had more hits than any female artist this last decade and has legions of gay fans, but why all the hype on Madonna and Beyonce? Remember, you are as big as your last hit, not your publicist’s press releases!

    BTW – Gay Diva = Adam Lambert!

  • Jake

    RE: dontblamemeivotedforhillary clearly you’re 22 and stupid. You have absolutely no idea how Madonna stuck up for gay rights and spoke about AIDS in the 80’s and 90’s when it could have been career suicide. And not only that but womens rights, minority rights and fought for countless others with her words and through her music. GaGa is really paving the way huh? Did you know “In the Life” from 1992’s Erotica was about losing friends to AIDS? Did it ever occur to you that maybe her brother is just another coked up party queen trying to make money off his big sisters success?

    And are so so delusional to realize that GaGa has been around for a year, she’s of the moment. Maybe if she last a decade we can talk but until then she’s just another pop star. Gwen Stefani was the new “It” girl when she went solo, so were Britney, Rihanna and Janet Jackson had been fighting that battle for decades. None of them ever topped Madonna and never will.

    And last time I checked 4 Minutes (from her last album) was a smash hit and Hung Up was the biggest global hit ever. Madonna isn’t 22 anymore so Clear Channel and it’s programmers don’t play her as much b/c idiots like you don’t appreciate what she’s done.

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