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These gays, they’re trying to murder me make me into an inadvertent adult film star!

Look, this is not a shocking thing to say in 2023, but Jennifer Coolidge is a gay icon. For nearly 30 years, the comedic actress has been slaying us with scene-stealing roles in everything from Legally Blonde to Best In Show.

These days, she’s really having a career renaissance—with a renewed appreciation for pitch-perfect brand of air-headed brilliance—thanks to her work in HBO’s The White Lotus.

And, even though her role as the ill-fated Tanya McQuoid has earned her multiple major award wins, her greatest and gayest role yet? Why, it’s in the gay adult film Eli Enjoys Tyler, of course!

You can watch her “cameo” in this SFW clip that’s made its way to Twitter thanks to user @computer_Gay:

Yes, this is 100% real.

In the video from erotic film studio Corbin Fisher, adult performer Eli—*spoiler alert even though it’s right there in the title*enjoys co-star Tyler Tanner. But that’s basically the epilogue to the clip’s truly climactic moment, in which the two sit on a couch scrolling through their phones.

Eli turns to Tyler and asks, “Have you seen this clip? Watch, this is funny.” And while we don’t see Coolidge, we do hear her much-meme’d line from Netflix‘s gay holiday rom-com Single All The Way:

“Gays just know how to do stuff, you know? I mean, they’re survivors! And, for some reason, they’re always obsessed with me. I don’t know why… But I like it.”

Then, in quite possibly one of the smoothest moves ever committed to film, Eli tells Tanner, “She’s right, gays do know how to do stuff,” and the two proceed to get it on. Wow, cinema is ALIVE!

We often pick on the acting and ridiculous set-ups of most gay adult films—how many times is the pizza delivery guy going to have to come inside for his “tip”?—but Eli Enjoys Tyler deserves credit for being so authentic: Yes, most gay men are talking about Jennifer Coolidge before they hook up!

And, you know what? It worked! On Twitter, the clip has clocked over 1.5 million views, and no doubt has inspired many viewers to Google the full video—for research!

Makes you want a hot dog real bad, doesn’t it?

Jennifer Coolidge reacts to being featured in gay adult film

Best of all, Miss Coolidge appears to be very flattered by the whole thing.

After the clip went viral on Twitter, it came across the feed of writer/podcaster/curator-of-gay-ephemera Evan Ross Katz, who took the liberty of texting it to the actress himself (because, yes, he does have her number—a total flex).

“You’re the opening to a gay porn,” Katz tells her. “You’ve REALLY made it.”

Coolidge’s response? “I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, that is so f*cking funny.”

She loves it! Are you surprised? That ability to laugh at herself is just one of the many reasons we adore Coolidge.

While Katz initially shared a screenshot of their convo on his Instagram story, that post has since been deleted, but it now lives on forever thanks to the folks at @PopCrave.

Of course, Gay Twitter™ is eating it up, too—even the Corbin Fisher account chimed in! Here are just a few of our favorite reactions to Coolidge’s gay adult film debut:

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