Zac Efron Fulfills Ultimate Gay Fantasy, Feels Abs And Bulge In “Neighbors” Deleted Scene

1695a75abbe0bec5_2425_D032_00147R.xxxlargeThose pictures of Zac Efron shirtless at the barbecue, the whole dildo-gagging scene and a well-placed story about blowjobs on set were not nearly enough to sell Neighbors to a gay market.

That’s why Universal is adding yet another amazing sequence of Zac Efron actually feeling his impossible abs and impressive bulge in ways we had only previously imagined to the deleted scenes menu on DVD and Blu-ray. The gifs below have been making their rounds on Tumblr this week and have been confirmed by pirating tweens on Twitter that these are, in fact, included on the DVD.

Take a moment to take this all in. You may need to sit.






All gifs via the fantastically amazing zacefronsbf. Check out our full coverage of Zac Efron and Zac Efron’s Abs by clicking here.

h/t Attitude

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  • IcarusD

    I don’t know if that fulfills all of my Zac Efron fantasies (that would involve starting with him totally naked and working up from there), but it’s a very nice beginning.

  • Billy Budd

    I feel my bulge and scratch by balls every day of the year and nobody cares. Life is not fair.

  • robho3

    omg really people?

  • Desert Boy

    Zac is total perfection.

  • SteveDenver

    My gay fantasy is ME feeling him up.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    @Billy Budd: I care Billy. And I know I don’t say it enough. Are you scratching now? I know I am.

  • Realitycheck

    @Billy Budd:
    Billy I bet your set is much more interesting then Efron, I really don’t see
    what the big deal with this plastic “Ken doll” kind of guy is……..

  • dansteddy

    OK..I admit I’ve been under a rock. So, who is Zac Efron?

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