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10 Of The Most Romantic Wedding Proposals We’ve Ever Seen


“Ugh,” you say. “There’s nothing more played-out than a flash mob wedding proposal.”

“Agreed,” says your boyfriend — just before he’s treated to three jugglers on unicycles, twenty interpretative dancers, a special guest appearance by Angela Lansbury to present the ring, and your five-minute wedding proposal in iamic pentameter.

This could be very easily be you.

Looking for inspiring, left-of-center ways to pop The Big Question? Take a look at these 10 wayyyy over-the-top wedding proposals:

1. The Cycling Studio Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

Well, here’s one we’ve never seen before. In Connecticut, Joyride Cycle instructor Adam Keller made sure his spin instructor boyfriend Jared Marinelli would never forget this particular class, setting up a joy-filled wedding proposal guaranteed to melt even the most hardened of gay hearts.

2. The Harry Potter Wedding Proposal


Not since the highly publicized wedding of power couple Dumbledore and Gandalf has there been this much marriage buzz on the grounds of Hogwarts. In April, a Harry Potter fan proposed to his boyfriend at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL, employing the best use of a 3-D printer we’re likely to ever hear of.

Derrick Walker got down on one knee in front of Hogwarts Castle and presented Garrett Galvan not only with an engagement ring, but a custom, golden, Quidditch-rific snitch.

Garret was reportedly in a mild state of disbelief, saying “Is this real? Is this really happening?” before saying “Yes.”

3. The Over-The-Top Wedding Proposal That Truly Raises The Bar

It’s safe to say DeAndre Upshaw was certain about his decision to pop the question to longtime boyfriend, Stu, because with the amount of planning his next-level proposal must have taken, he surely had opportunity to question his motives.

According to Upshaw, a video producer from Dallas, the production included: A grand total of four costume changes, marching Band uniforms purchased in bulk on Craigslist, shiny rainbow choir robes direct from eBay, confetti cannons, a dance troupe, flag twirlers (naturally), ribbon dancing (naturally), and over forty close friends and family.

4. Adele Helps Out With A Well-Orchestrated Wedding Proposal

Then there’s the lovely video going around of two gay fans in Denmark getting engaged at an Adele concert. She invited them both up on stage, one of the boys drops to his knee, and everyone freaks out about how delightful the whole thing is.

Adele gives them a little moment to hug, and it’s all very sweet. Afterwards she reportedly offered her services on an ongoing basis: “Should I be your surrogate if you have children? I’d love to have a baby with someone Swedish,” she said.

5. Just Your Average Sickeningly Adorable Flash Mob Proposal

As becomes abundantly clear in the below video, Mark is madly in love with his boyfriend Yuval, and the feeling is mutual.

One oddly Spring-like December afternoon, they’re walking through New York City‘s meatpacking district to meet some friends and family for brunch, when Yuval points out some sprightly street dancers dancing to a hauntingly familiar song.

“Mark, it’s our song!” Yuval exclaims.

And that’s when things go haywire.

6. This Dodgeball Flash Mob Wedding Proposal Scores Big

When Michael DiMeo wanted to propose to his boyfriend, Angelo, he knew it needed to be special. So he organized a flash mob wedding proposal complete with a soundtrack and dancers, naturally. But how did he make it super special? He did at a local dodgeball tournament.

“It’s dodgeball tournament Sunday and he has no idea he’s about to see a group of his friends start dancing to some of his favorite songs, but why wasn’t he invited to dance?!?!,” Mike writes in the YouTube description. “He [had] no idea this was coming and his reaction was everything I had hoped for, priceless!”

7. Adorable Brazilian Man Stages Flash Mob To Propose To Boyfriend

Erm… noticing a trend here? A nervous Brazilian man enlisted the help of a flash mob to help him propose to his boyfriend.  According to a note on the video’s YouTube page (at least according to Google Translate’s translation from Portuguese, anyway), “F * F was asked to help in a flash mob for a marriage proposal, and there was no doubt that we would accept. It was a very nice gesture that will be stored forever in our memories… We wish all the happiness in the world to the couple!”

8. This Christmas Day Proposal During Broadway’s ‘Wicked’ Will Make You Emotional

Even flying monkeys can fall in love as demonstrated by video of the marriage proposal of dancer-models Daniel Robinson (above left, before he grew his sexy signature beard) and Josh Daniel Green, who is currently featured in the cast of the Broadway blockbuster Wicked. During the curtain call of the Christmas day performance, Robinson surprised his longtime bf Green by pulling him in front of the cast, dropping to one knee and asking for his hand in marriage. Who says romance is dead?

Grab a tissue.

9. Italy’s Got Talent Features Stunningly Creative Wedding Proposal

We’re ripping down the idyllic beach sunset photos from our dream boards because after watching this gay wedding proposal, it’s clear we suddenly have some new life goals.

First off, everything about this scene just screams romance. You have a giant white dragon, space-age go-go attire, a guy on stilts and a lady in a harness ready to float into the sky and shower you with silver glitter. Swoon.

10. Gay Couple’s Proposal Vid Will Test Whether You Still Experience Emotions

While working as performers for the Royal Caribbean, out vloggers Justin Azzarello and Wade Lowman have been sharing a series of YouTube videos cataloging their various exploits. Their latest will either cause your left eyeball to twitch in jealousy, or reduce you to a quivering mass of mushiness that you wouldn’t dare confess to your diary.

While blithely zipping through Venice, Italy, Wade treated Justin to a surprise gondola ride, where he popped the question. You can probably guess the answer.

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