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Alaska Clarifies Details of the Fight That Ended Her Relationship With Sharon

RuPaul's Drag Race favorites Willam (left) and Alaska Thunderfuck (right) pose with their Race Chasers podcast award at the 2020 Queerties.

A few days ago, in an interview on ‘Hey Qween!’, Alaska Thunderfuck made a few comments about how her relationship with Sharon Needles ended like Tina Turner’s relationship ended with Ike Turner.

She stated:

It was the night of, like, you know in the Angela Bassett as Tina Turner movie? Where she’s like bloody and beaten and she goes to the hotel and she says, “My name is Tina Turner. And I don’t have any money right now but please give me a hotel.” I sort of had a night like that where we were so drunk and we got in a physical fight. And that was the night I moved out. I went to a hotel and I said, “My name is Tina Turner.” I moved out and I stopped drinking that night. I was like we can’t do this to each other. It needs to be – we need to be separate from each other so we can survive. Cause it wasn’t good. We were fighting. So, that was it. I had a Tina Turner night.

Now, in the latest Feast of Fun podcast, Alaska clarifies her comments, saying that she wants everyone to know that she didn’t mean it to come across that Sharon beat the shit out of her.

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Hosts: Dominic Patasa says, “This is somewhat personal, hope you don’t mind. You said in a recent interview that you moved out of your house with Sharon, and stopped drinking, when you got into a physical altercation with her. What was that night like for you emotions wise? Did you feel relief or failure? So proud of all the decisions you’ve been making. Lots of love.”

Alaska: Well, after I – I taped that show with Jonny and it was fabulous. I love ‘Hey Qween!’ and Jonny McGovern is like really an inspiration to me. But afterwards I was like, ‘I hope I didn’t make it sound like Sharon beat the shit out of me because that’s not what happened.’

Hosts: Because you fought back?

Alaska: We got – yeah – we got in a fight together, it got physical, but it wasn’t an abuse thing. It was two men who had had way too much to drink and so we got in a fight. I’m glad that you asked so that I can clear that up.

Hosts: So who won the fight? (laughs)

Alaska: Nobody wins a fight like that. Nobody wins.

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