"Why would gays want to be involved or be listed under marriage which is a Judaeo Christian thing?"

Anti-Gay GOP Candidate Asks Big Questions

Daniel Gilbert probably won’t win the GOP presidential ticket, but he’s certainly got the part down.

The North Carolina business man, who made his fortune in the mortgage business, harnesses the GOP’s anti-gay powers to fuel his righteous campaign. And, of course, that includes knocking gay marriage. In an interview with BBS News, Gilbert says he supports an amendment banning gay marriage.

While most politicians use the federalist papers and state autonomy to explain their bigotry, Gilbert gets straight to the point: he just doesn’t approve.

BBS News: …What would be the reason for denying gay people the right to a civil marriage?

Daniel Gilbert: I like to expand on things or exaggerate things when I’m trying to make a decision on things. Would that [gay marriage] allow procreation of life and the answer is no. So it’s something that is not normal. Now if there is a genetic factor OK, or if it’s a choice factor, that’s OK. I’m not one to seek that lifestyle and I would be tolerant of people who are, but that is not to say I would accept that lifestyle.

BBS News… Why should there be a Constitutional amendment that actually enshrines discrimination into the Constitution against gays just to prevent them from being married under civil law?

Daniel Gilbert: That’s not discrimination. Marriage is between one man and one woman period.

BBSNews: But how, by what criteria did you decide that? It was assumed up until 19 …

Daniel Gilbert: Judaeo Christian institution.

BBSNews: … If religion does not have anything to do with a civil marriage then how can it be written into the Constitution that we should discriminate or the nation should discriminate against gay people becoming married under a civil marriage?

Daniel Gilbert: … Marriage is a Judaeo Christian institution.

BBSNews: But you are attaching the religious aspect to it again though.

Daniel Gilbert: Why would gays want to be involved or be listed under marriage which is a Judaeo Christian thing why wouldn’t they want to be…

BBSNews: There are many Christian and Jewish gay people.

Daniel Gilbert: Possibly.

Apparently he’s not sure of whether or not such a species exists. Yep, that sounds like a grand old candidate!