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Omar Apollo is having quite a moment. Actually, he’s having quite a year.

The son of Mexican immigrants, the queer, 25-year old singer-songwriter’s music is an intoxicating blend of pop and R&B, threading together both English and Spanish lyrics. His debut album, Ivory, is a perfect distillation of his sound, and it was released this past April to critical acclaim.

Apollo followed up his record’s release with a show-stopping Coachella performance, multiple late-night talk show appearances, an unforgettable visit to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, and then capped it all off with a Best New Artist Grammy nomination last month.

All of that success has understandably brought plenty of new fans to his music—but perhaps some of these newcomers should do a little research before they start making assumptions…

We’re talking, specifically, about a Twitter user who took to the app this week to ask, “Is Omar Apollo another queerbaiting singer?” Eventually, the post made its way to Apollo, who decided to respond and clear the air, in no uncertain terms:

We appreciate the very illustrative clarification, Omar!

The musician’s response has gone certifiably viral, currently racking up over 229k likes—pretty impressive considering the Elon Musk-run app is in its flop era.

As longtime fans have known, Apollo’s always been pretty open about his sexuality. In the spring, he told Variety he thinks it’s cool the younger generations don’t feel the need for labels, while adding, “Queer is, I feel, a good label, if we’re gonna label it.” A few days later, Apollo further clarified things for NPR, “I’m very gay, so I’m just like, whatever.”

And, as his fans also know, he’s always been pretty funny on Twitter. So, with that in mind, please enjoy our round-up of 10 times Apollo has cracked us up (with a few music videos and sexy Instagram photos thrown in for good measure):

1. Omar Apollo on being a family man, but not husband material:

This is just one of many instances where Apollo has tweeted about how bad he wants a baby. Somebody make this man a daddy!

2. On being a Barb:

The gay scream he lets out as Nicki Minaj performs “Super Freaky Girl?” Adorable. Relatable. Hilarious.


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3. On the power of a good night’s sleep:

Wait, where are you getting your melatonin from, Omar? Because we’ll take some!

4. On being a brand spokesperson:

Apollo’s a hustler who knows not to do any promo for free—unless they can pay you with a Hulu subscription… with a family plan.

5. On the benefits of a well-rounded diet:

Order up!

6. On the power of a good tank top:

One of Apollo’s favorite subjects to tweet about are his own pecs—or “chichis,” as he frequently calls them. And you know what? They’re one of our favorite subjects, too.


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7. On aging:

Proving he is a true Gen Z baby, Apollo frets about aging while referencing Nickelodeon’s mid-2000s animated hit, Danny Phantom (Lil Nas X is a fan, too, by the way).

8. On branding:

*Attempts to manifest Omar Apollo.*

9. On being over it:

We feel this one deeply. Let’s just be dolphins and go for a “swim,” Omar!

10. On being ahead of the curve:

Obviously, he was joking in this tweet from way back in April—it just goes to show he’s been putting up with these queer-baiting allegations for a while now. Guys, he’s queer, okay? Don’t these tweets prove it?

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