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Chris Hemsworth has absolutely no idea what a thirst trap is. How is that possible?

Chris Hemsworth probably knows some words that you don’t.

If a friend is acting weird, the Australian-born actor might call them a ‘bogan.’ What we’d call a Speedo might to him be a ‘budgie smuggler.’

But there are some slang words that are just universal… or so we thought.

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Apparently the middle Hemsworth brother has no idea what ‘thirst trap’ is, and neither does his team.

When an interviewer brought up the phrase, Hemsworth cocked his head to the side and asked, “Thirst trap? Thirst trap? What is that? Tell me, this is fascinating.”

But that’s not even the oddest part of the exchange. After posing the question, someone on Hemsworth’s team jumped to explain to him what a ‘thirst trap’ is.

Except they used this photo of Chris’ brother, Liam, as the example:

That led Chris to put the pieces together as best he could, landing on this definition for ‘thirst trap’:

“Oh, so it’s like, you’re trying to play it down like it’s casual. Thirst trap. HAHA! Ok. We’ll try to get more of those going.”

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Chris, if you’re reading this (he’s not reading this), these are thirst traps:

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