Pride Month has officially begun! While there is much to celebrate and enjoy this month, it seems everyone these days wants a piece of the pie when it comes to capitalizing off of LGBTQ+ people during this time of year.

Companies launching campaigns centered on allyship, empowerment, and visibility is a wonderful thing, but that of course doesn’t come with its fair share of setbacks and failed promises. So, instead of getting caught up in the perils of capitalistic Pride offerings, why not give your energy towards queer artists who are creating excellent bodies of work, for us, and by us!

That’s where we come in, cause we’ve got you with this week’s supersized version of “bop after bop” new queer music roundup! This week, we’ve been blessed with returns to old Pride favorites and captivating new releases from some incredible rising artists on the scene. Take a look below:

“Stars Are Blind (Paris’ Version)” by Paris Hilton [ft. Kim Petras]

Everyone remembers how simple life was when Paris Hilton released her iconic pop song “Stars Are Blind” back in 2006. Now, this classic hit has been re-imagined with rising pop girly Kim Petras 17 years later and we are SLIVING! I mean, revisiting this song every summer is pretty much the standard, but now, with an updated version that features a slick new verse from Petras, there’s even more reason to bask in the sexy, sunkissed glory of this pop masterpiece. 

“Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous” by Trixie Mattel

The girl’s and the gays’ favorite life-size Barbie doll, Trixie Mattel, is serving up a special edition to her brand; full club banger disco diva with her new track “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous”. The song is of course a cover of RuPaul’s 2004 dance/house hit of the same name off of her album Red Hot. The music video features Trixie DJ-ing at a totally pink disco party and performing with sexy dancers on stage, with equally as pink-clad fierce party-goers living their BEST lives (I mean, how could they not be?) Not only is this the lead single off of Trixie’s new cover EP also titled Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous, but all net revenue collected from the music video for the month of June will be donated to the Drag Isn’t Dangerous Fund. Hit play and get your life by not only bopping to a new Pride anthem but also supporting an incredible cause!

“Attention” by The Aces

The Aces have got our attention with their new single “Attention” off of their third studio album, I’ve Loved You For So Long. The indie-pop quartet’s captivating track “Attention” explores the irony of how their dreams can lead a partner to become starved for affection, candidly reflecting on the sacrifices made while pursuing their dreams. With a unique sonic blend of stellar, cascading guitar chords, ethereal vocal layering, and a mix of 80s pop and 90s alt-rock influences, The Aces have found their sweet spot with their sound, and are carving out their space in the queer music scene. 

“UP” by David Archuleta

David Archuleta is celebrating his personal growth and triumphs with his new single, “UP” The guitar-driven track reflects his journey from rock bottom to newfound strength and self-love. Through heartfelt lyrics backed by Archuleta’s signature smooth vocals, he proclaims his path forward, allowing all aspects of himself to be seen and heard. After coming out as queer in 2021 and recovering from vocal cord surgery that left him unable to speak for 3 months, “UP” serves as a prelude to this new chapter in his life, where he refuses to hide any longer.

“You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” by Adam Lambert & Sigala

Queer pop music’s hero Adam Lambert has teamed up with Sigala to kick-off Pride month with a cover of Slyvester’s 1978 classic “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”. The trailblazing rockstar’s signature powerful vocals breathe new life into this disco banger, reflecting the essence of Pride itself: honoring those who came before us and fearlessly pushing forward toward the future. Lambert has dropped this track just in time for his headlining set at London Pride on July 1, and we’re sure we’ll be hearing this one all month long leading up to the event. 

“Sodom & Gomorrah” by Dorian Electra

Dorian Electra is on a roll with releases this year, following “Freak Mode” which dropped in April, the internet’s favorite queer hyerpop artist has released their new single “Sodom & Gomorrah” The track fearlessly reclaims the word sodomy, used to oppress queer people, in a bratty, sexy anthem that combines influences from pop icons, like Britney Spears and Missy Elliot, with modern industrial pop beats spliced with heavy electric guitars. Electra’s ear for pop greatness and eye for commanding visual storytelling is showcased fiercely in this new release, and their artistic prowess that not only challenges societal norms but also delivers absolute bangers proves their talent in creating unique and powerful musical experiences. 

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