Connor Hawke is the son of Green Arrow
Connor Hawke is the son of Green Arrow (Image: DC Comics)

Connor Hawke, the son of Green Arrow, comes out as asexual in DC Comics’ upcoming Pride anthology, due out May 31.

Green Arrow first appeared in DC Comics in 1941. The Robin Hood-style character also appeared in the TV shows Smallville and Arrow (he was noted for the arrows he fired in his bid to fight crime). His son and successor, Connor, first appeared in 1994.

Connor, a dedicated monk and martial arts expert, takes center stage in a new eight-page story, Think Of Me, in DC Pride 22.

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Created by Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, and letterer Frank Cvetkovic, the story finds Connor foiling a mind-control plot at an opera by the villain, Music Meister. At the same time, he composes a coming-out letter to his mother, according to Them.

Connor was raised in a monastery, and DC Comics fans have previously speculated about his lack of interest in anything sexual. Brandt told Them Connor’s story was something they could relate to: “​​It was that extra little bit of help, having the entire team be asexual. It really felt like it was a personal story for all of us on some level.”

Brandt went on to say they wanted to include some explanation of the reality of being asexual in the story.

“I was very aware of the logistics of [the letter]. As well as coming out, it needs to explain what asexuality feels like, because a lot of people can’t imagine it. And that makes perfect sense to me, especially because I’m also autistic. I get not understanding what it’s like for someone who experiences something different to you.”

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Connor is not the first DC Comics character to come out.

Last October, around the time of National Coming Out Day, Superman’s son, Jon Kent, came out as bisexual in the comic book, Superman: Son of Kal-El.

Earlier in 2021, a former Robin (sidekick to Batman), Tim Drake, was also revealed to be bisexual.

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