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  • mark

    in a word…ick

  • Tim

    Dean breaks his promises then calls the Blade ‘hysterical’, what a disgusting ‘phobe.

  • Bill Perdue

    No wonder he’s a failed politician. He can’t even lie well.

    The DNC, like the RNC, is infested with homophobes, christists and bigots.

  • Portia

    Who is paying Donald Hitchcock’s legal fees? The GOP?

  • Bill Perdue

    Portia, instead of feeble rumor mongering to help defuse the case against confirmed anti-GLBT bigot Leah Daughtry, Chief of Staff of the DNC, chair of Denver convention and a pentecostal skypilot in the same cult as Jimmy Swaggart, why don’t you find out about his fees and let us all know?

    If not, we’ll know you for what you are, a paid, but not particularly bright shill for bigots. Have a nice day, Portia.

  • Portia

    Shill for bigots? Sorry to disappoint. Saw a wire story with a comment that led to this site.

    Next time don’t be so hostile.

  • Landon Bryce

    So, Portia, not a shill for bigots but an actual bigot? And this means you merit less hostility because. . .?

    The DNC could not be clearer in their message to the gay community: fuck you.

    Any gay who does not vote for Democrats is an idiot.

    Any gay who gives a penny to the DNC is a traitor.

    Any gay who is not out there actively challenging Dean and his bigoted comrades at the DNC is lazy.

    Call the DNC at 202-863-8000. Let them know how you feel about how the DNC is doing with gay issues. And let them now that your money is going elsewhere.

    All of my political contributions this season are going to The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which funds gay and lesbian candidates: If this doesn’t grab you, the fight to keep gay marriage rights in CA is important to gays everywhere in the USA. I have volunteered for Equality California ( and encourage you to support them as well.

  • Chris Holden

    As fascinating as this is, and so very sad, what is most important, utmost, is Obama to be our next Prsident. All else pales in comparison. Not underselling the importance of the Gay community and its relationship (what there is of it) to the DNC, it’s just that we can’t take anther four years of what we’ve had the last seven-and-a-half.

  • Lynn A

    When I moved to Vermont in the ’80s Dr Dean became my primary doctor and remained my primary doctor until he became governor. I don’t know anything about this legal case but I do know that he always treated me with respect & friendship. As a post-op MtF AND a Lesbian I felt he was a very honest and loving person. I can’t believe he has changed as much as he is portrayed here and I will continue to believe him. -LA

  • Democrats eat poo

    @Chris Holden:

    BULLSHIT. I love recycling, but this crap you Democratic Party propagandists pull every four years is pathetic. Every fucking election, you come out with your “you gotta vote for the democrats or else! the republicans are scary and nasty! this is the most important election of our lives!”

    then, we vote for democrats and it’s exactly as if the republicans had one.

    Fuck the homophobic, sexist, racist Democratic Party and it’s lavender lapdogs. YOU EITHER STAND WITH THE DEMOCRATS OR YOU STAND WITH LGBT PEOPLE.

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