Democratic Candidates Release Lawrence King Comments

Lawrence King’s murder continues to shock and appall the world, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Democratic candidates both released statements on the 15-year old’s death. Said Mrs. Clinton:

I was deeply saddened by the recent death of 15-year-old Lawrence King who was killed at his school in Oxnard, CA. No one should face intimidation or violence, particularly at school, because of their sexual orientation or the way they express their gender identity.

We must finally enact a federal hate crimes law to ensure that gay, lesbian and transgender Americans are protected against violent, bias-motivated crimes. We must send a unified message that hate-based crime will not be tolerated.

Obama also used the murder to rally for stricter laws, saying,

It was heartbreaking to learn about Lawrence King’s death, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family. King’s senseless death is a tragic example of the corrosive effect that bigotry and fear can have in our society. It’s also an urgent reminder that we need to do more in our schools to foster tolerance and an acceptance of diversity; that we must enact a federal hate crimes law that protects all LGBT Americans; and that we must recommit ourselves to becoming active and engaged parents, citizens and neighbors, so that bias and bigotry cannot take hold in the first place. We all have a responsibility to help this nation live up to its founding promise of equality for all.

Unless we’re talking about marriage, in which case civil unions will do just fine, right?

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  • Jack Jett

    This story breaks my heart in so many ways. It is one of the reasons that I battle the evangelical movement everyday here in Texas. They are a powerful force and the result of their “pray the gay away” rhetoric is connected to crimes like this.

    The parents of this murderer are pathetic excuses for human beings. Where did this kid get the message that gay people are okay to beat up?

  • Will

    I think it has more to do with peer pressure than Parental misguidance. But, Mr Obama is right. We as Parents need to be more active in our children’s lives. We all lose when we pretend there is nothing going on in our children’s lives, thinking they are too young to have issues and problems like peer pressure. You can’t stop a leak if you don’t know where it’s coming from. Talk with your children openly and you will be surprised by what they tell you. You have to reassure them that you are on their side. We can make a difference in their lives and unfortunately some of us think we are too busy. It breaks the heart of any parent to here of such things that happen all too often in our nations schools. It can be prevented. My heart and prayers go out the the families of both the victim and the one who committed this terrible act.

  • Arlie Rufus

    I know all of my readers are used to reading about Arlie Rufus’ comments on my fellow four legged friends. I’m becoming quite famous for making others think about the lives of homeless dogs and other pets.

    But today is different. Today, Arlie Rufus wants each and every one of you to think about the recent senseless death of a 15 year old young boy in Oxnard, California. This boy was killed because he was gay. And the shocking, even sadder revelation to this story is: the killer was a 14 year old boy. So, just in case you need to understand what the Arlie Rufus is saying let me repeat: a 15 year old boy was shot in the head by a 14 year old boy because he was gay. That’s right America, its 2008 and kids are killing kids because they say they are gay.

    As the Arlie Rufus did his diligent work of reading the news about this, it was sad and somewhat embarrassing that other countries were covering the story and in some cases, they seemed shocked this happens in this day and this time in this country. But what I have only read a bit about (some news in the link above) was the killer’s parents. Where were they? Who are they? What in the wide world of beagles happened in the household that could have led to this action? Arlie Rufus believes God made all of us with ability to be good, upstanding, peaceful humans and animals. And much like some of my four legged friends, hate and meanness is taught, and in some cases witnessed. And sadly for many, there is no stable love in the place they call home. Well, it appears the young boy who pulled the trigger had such a home. His father had problems with the law — domestic violence was one such problem. And the irony of this story, the victim had been taken from a bad home and was in foster care.

    So let’s recap here if the Arlie Rufus may. The victim was in foster care because he had been taken out of his home, and the boy who pulled the trigger was in a home with what appears to be an abusive father.

    Now let me get to the point here because it is time to speak for those without a voice. Children, just like my four legged friends need a home full of love, respect, trust and caring. And people (I use the term people because no animal could ever do such a horrible act as this) that means one parent, one mom, one dad, two moms, two dads — or yes even a mom and a dad. Do you think if the boy who pulled the trigger had been in a home full of love and respect for others — and was taught those traits daily that this might not have happened? Yes, it is possible. So America, get your heads out of your tails and work for tolerance, respect, love — and yes LAWS THAT PROMOTE AND DEFEND THESE TRAITS. No person — and especially no child deserves to be shot in the head and killed because of his or her sexual orientation, what they wear, how they talk or walk, or for any perceived differences. Contact your U.S. Representative, U.S. Senators and for the love of Arlie Rufus even try “W” and DEMAND the passage of the federal hate crime law. The HRC is a resource for information on hate crime legislation, and for young readers of The Arlie Rufus Report, check out a wonderful organization in Arlie Rufus’ hometown of Atlanta — Youth Pride, that helps young people facing the challenges of coming out.

    Sorry for the rant people, but this one has Arlie Rufus needing to really speak loud! Be tolerant, show love and compassion and maybe we’ll soon see a “compassionate” nation.

  • Dion

    A wretched crime, but I’m not only perplexed at the cold, calculating efficiency with which the murder was carried out. I’m also wondering why no one, be it his parents, teachers or carers at the home the victim lived at during the last few months of his life, expressed concern that he was was journeying to school sometimes in makeup and high heeled boots. “Homophobe!” no doubt many will shout. No. I’ve many gay friends and tend to find them easier to talk to than most. I grew up fatherless, alienated and mixed race amongst peers who openly and proudly expressed their hostility. But violence toward the isolated and sensitive will not end soon among the young, who often victimise as a way of defining their identity as a group. It probably went on in prehistoric times, and we believe that sentimental effusions about ‘love’ and ‘tolerance’ will cure these ills. Far from protecting kids like Lawrence, that kind of saccharine crap exposes them to greater cruelty, and robs them of the understanding they need to avoid physical violence.

    He was fifteen, and for all we know he may have still been a virgin. If he was not, then he may have been taken advantage of by a predatory adult, which happens too many times in institutions of ‘care’. He may have matured into a very different kind of man with a little self knowledge and a kind, compassionate example. But immediately, we define him as ‘LGBT’ and define the act of his murder as a ‘hate crime’ (since when did murder involve any emotion other than hatred?). Whether or not we believe that homosexuality is innate, ‘genetic’ or not, he could well have been a confused, upset kid who wouldn’t benefit from a whole heap of suppositions and all-defining tags from people keen to show how saddened they are by his murder. He was ostensibly a child. And now his identity has been sexualised in order to push an agenda.

  • Bridgette

    What happened to Larry is something that should’ve never occured. There is so much that needs to be done to address issues surrounding hate violence especially in our schools. Has anyone heard about AB 2762 a bill that has been introduced by Assemblymember Mike Eng? This measure will be up for a hearing on Wednesday, 4/16 at 1:30 p.m. at the state capitol.

  • James

    If, as Senator Obama states, we’re all created equal, why should killing a GLBT person get you more prison time than killing anyone else? I can’t believe that people have already forgotten the tragedy of Columbine. Kids do senseless, cruel things regardless of their motives. But, I’m afraid to live in a country where peoples’ lives are valued more than mine because of the choices they make or because of the color of their skin. Wake up and smell the reverse discrimination people!

  • Andrew Yu-Jen Wang

    On balance, George W. Bush is a hate-crime criminal.


    Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
    B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
    Messiah College, Grantham, PA
    Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993

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