Drake Loves Getting Rim Jobs, Plus Six Other Celebrity Fetishes “Exposed”

323510_900The internet has been abuzz over a piece of erotic fan fiction story published on the blog Media Take Out by a woman who claims she gave R&B crooner Drake a rim job.

The groupie confessed to performing oral sex on the star, describing it in graphic detail.

“After a few minutes he started pushing my head down, towards his b*lls,” she wrote. “I sucked on them for a while and he pushed me down FURTHER to his butt hole. I never did that before, but it was Drake do I’m not gonna lie I did it.”

The beautiful poetry didn’t stop there and neither did she.

“It was weird eating a man’s butt like that, but I’m a freak, and it was Drake LOL,” she added. “He was laying there on the bed with his leg spread open and my face in his butt and his legs shaking. I wish I had a camera and could see what was happening from far back.”

The size queen also claimed the singer’s wiener was “not really big, but it’s THICK” and caused her to orgasm not one, not two, but three times.

Whether or not the story is true, we’ll let you decide. But this isn’t the first time a celebrity has been the target of kinky sex rumors.

Check out these six other male celebs who may or may not have engaged in bad bedroom behavior.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere and the gerbil

If you Google “Richard Gere gerbil” you will get nearly 35,000 results. The poor guy just cannot escape rumors that he once checked into a Los Angeles hospital at 2 a.m. after getting a gerbil lodged up his butt in a sex act gone awry. Some have reported he was accompanied by his then wife Cindy Crawford, who sobbed uncontrollably in the ER waiting room. Pretty much everyone in L.A. claims to know the nurse who worked in the emergency room the night the star came in.

In 2008, Gere, a longtime practicing Buddhist, finally addressed the rumors, which had been plaguing him for nearly two decades, when he told a reporter: “I stopped reading the press a long time ago. Lots of crazy things came up about me at first, especially from the tabloids. There is an infamous ‘Gere stuck a hamster up his bum’ urban myth.”

So there you have it, folks. The rumors aren’t true. How do we know? Well, first of all, common sense. But secondly, Gere said it was a hamster, which is different from a gerbil.


Anthony Perkins and the rape fantasy

Though Academy Award-nominated actor Anthony Perkins, who is perhaps most famous for playing Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, eventually married a woman and had two sons, an unauthorized biography by Charles Winecoff claims that the actor had affairs with a string of men, including Christopher MakosTab Hunter, and Stephen Sondheim, among others. Not just that, but Perkins, a poppers fanallegedly had an insatiable sexual appetite, always wanting someone different, and used to hire men to dress up as burglars and break into his Hollywood home to rape him.


Quentin Tarantino and that poor woman’s toes

In 2011, the world got a private glimpse into the secret sex life of acclaimed film director and foot fetishist Quentin Tarantino when a graphic kiss-and-tell email written by one of the film director’s paramours was leaked to the press. In the email, the woman described meeting Tarantino at a party, where they made out in a kitchen then took naughty pictures in a photo booth. At some point Tarantino showed her his “short,” “fat,” “nub-like” penis, then they went back to his place and engaged in some toe-sucking quasi-sex. (By “toe-sucking quasi-sex” we mean Tarantino reportedly made out with the woman’s feet while jerking himself off for 10 minutes.)


Spencer Tracy and drunken water sports

In his 2012 memoir, former male escort Scotty Bowers claimed he had thrysts with many of Hollywood’s Golden Age elite, including Cary Grant, J. Edgar Hoover, and Spencer Tracy, who Bowers said had trouble holding his bladder when he had been drinking.

“A couple times,” Bowers alleged in interview with the Daily Beast, “He pee-peed on me.”

According to Bowers, Tracy was also not very good at fellatio.

“He would not suck your cock,” he said. “He would chew your cock. That’s not nice! It would hurt.”


Hugh Grant and the prostitue

The year was 1995. Hugh Grant was a rising star in Hollywood. He was in Los Angeles promoting his new film Nine Months when he was arrested after being caught receiving oral sex from Hollywood prostitute, Divine Brown.

The story goes: Grant saw Brown on the street and flashed the lights of his BMW at her. She followed him into a side street. Her regular fee for hanky panky in a hotel room was $100, but Grant only had $60, so she agreed to give him a blowie in the car. They probably wouldn’t have been caught except that Grant, in the heat of the moment, pressed the brake pedal of the BMW with his foot, causing the brake lights to flash and grabbing the attention of a nearby officer.

Both Grant and Brown were arrested. Grant pleaded no contest and was fined $1,180 and placed on two years’ summary probation. Brown was fined and served 180 days in jail, but was able to profit off the incident. She reportedly earned more than $1 million in publicity fees related to her arrest. In 2010, she said it helped her escape a life of prostitution and was thankful for “that half an hour with Hugh Grant.”


Jack Ryan and the coffin

Okay, this rumor just might take the cake. American designer Jack Ryan is probably most famous for two things: Being the sixth husband to actress Zsa Zsa Gabor (the two were married for a hot minute back in the mid-1970s), and for creating the Barbie Doll. But few people know Ryan was into some seriously kinky stuff in the bedroom.

Rumor has it, he was addicted to women, and preferred them young, slim, and with really big boobs. (Kind of like Barbie.) He used to invite women over to his house, where he would he would have them listen his voice on a recording that told her to “follow rose petals upstairs to the bedroom.” When the woman got there, she would find a coffin. The recording would then direct her to open it, upon which, Ryan would jump out and say “Boo!”

Ryan would reportedly scare the women then jerk off in the casket. Afterwards, he would wine and dine the ladies (perhaps as an apology?) before making proper love to them.