Queen's Orders

EXCLUSIVE: Brita Filter drops her newest video, urging you to VOTE

Former Drag Race star and cabaret singer Brita Filer has just released her latest endeavor, a music video urging her fans to vote. We’re happy to share the exclusive debut.

“You Brita Vote, Kay” features Filter alongside fellow drag performer KayKay Lavelle and rapper Bryce Quartz urging queer people in the USA to vote in the coming days.

“Get to the polls/don’t be a clown/don’t be a drag/just vote queen,” the trio rap in the video. “Voting is a guaranteed way to make an impact.”

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The song also makes reference to the ongoing violence against transgender Americans, encouraging listeners to vote for their protection. The Trump Administration, of course, has established policies hostile to all LGBTQ people, with a particular targeting of transgender Americans.

Filter is also releasing the song for download. 50% of the proceeds will go to Drag Out The Vote, a drag queen initiative aimed at get-out-the-vote efforts.

Have a listen, and do as the queen says. Vote!