Gay Copper Settles Discrimination Suit

A queer California copper will be sitting pretty pretty soon.

Twenty-nine year old Adam Bereki settled with Huntington Beach’s police department after agreeing to shelf a discrimination lawsuit. Bereki originally alleged that his peers often took the piss about his homosexuality. And he didn’t like it, obviously:

Bereki joined the force in 2001 and alleged in the suit that his colleagues frequentlyharassedd him for five years over his sexuality. The suit contends the incidents included someone placing a gay escort ad in Bereki’s locker and peers making comments that he only handles gay sex crimes and suggesting that he was infected with HIV.

“It seems from this case that a gay in the cop culture is trouble…,” Bereki’s attorney, James Trout, said. “They made his life miserable and he couldn’t tolerate it anymore.”

Bereki said in the suit that he repeatedly complained of the behaviors to supervisors and agreed to go on administrative leave in February 2007.

The former officer received $150,000 and will be sent $4,000 every month for the rest of his life. Crime does pay – but not always for the perps!