Gays Bring Death, Destruction, Says Politico

An Oklahoman lawmaker erroneously believed she was speaking to a closed audience. Unfortunately someone had a recorder. And it caught some pretty homophobic statements, including this: “Not everybody’s lifestyle is equal, just like not all religions are equal.”

She goes on to say that we homos are going to destroy the nation, because no country that embraces gays has lasted “more than a few decades”. The doomsday clock be ticking…

PS: Victory Fund, which provided the audio, does not want to name the politico, lest she become a “’cause celeb’ for the other side”.

The cat’s now out of the bag: the politico in question is Representative Sally Kern, who reminds us of an unlady-like four letter word. Think Jane Fonda…

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  • Woof

    So disillusioned, we all know the biggest threat to our nation is ignorant, right-wing Christian fundamentalist straight people…DUH.

  • David

    For a school teacher to be so ignorant about the facts is just shameful.

  • Chadnnocal

    Any chance you could publish her name?

  • Meeg

    Well we all know what a fly-by-night venture Ancient Greece was.

  • Dom

    They should provide her name, especially for that little remark about how not all religions are created equal. Let them make her a cause celebre. We could use another asshole from Oklahoma to throw darts at during the upcoming elections. This cunt could bring a lot of Dems together in November. And I only use the word “cunt” with love.

  • Meeg

    I really think they should publish her name. What’s the point of drawing attention to a POLITICIAN’s prejudiced statements if you don’t tell people (voters) who this politician is.

  • John

    If the speaker is not named, who is to say the tape is not a hoax?

  • Dom

    …and if she is so sure that her beliefs are shared by the majority of others in her state and in this country, why the hell does she have to say them to a closed audience instead of to the world at large? As I said previously – CUNT!

  • Jer

    It’s Sally Kern, She also baned Homosexual books from Oklahoma Libraries…

    HB1569, by Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, requires school boards of education to adopt policies to annually notify parents and guardians about clubs and organizations sponsored by or under the direction and control of the school. (House-Education Committee)

  • alan brickman

    another woman preaching hate against gays…..big surprise..

  • Jennifer

    I’m sorry, but this woman is a stupid whore. That’s the truth. It’s time to take off the kid gloves with these assholes and tell the truth. They threaten the rights of others, as they are fascists. You can’t hide a pair of jackboots behind the Cross.

  • anon

    All religions are not equal ? Exactly which ones are less equal ? Catholics ? Jews ?
    Certainly she’s pissed off us gay folks – but she’s probably pissed off a whole lot of other folks too.

    I wonder if this is what her husband preaches in his church.

  • qjersey

    I guess all schools and libraries aren’t equal. These people are so damn ignorant. they believe what they are told or only read the pablum that reinforces their beliefs.

  • alan brickman

    print her name…i don’t want her near gay children promoting them to be shameful about them selves…

  • alan brickman

    why aren’t gays marching yet??

  • hells kitchen guy

    How the hell did she find out about The Gay Agenda? Now we’ll have to change the meeting times.

  • Miss Understood

    She may be ignorant but so is the Victory Fund. How could they not want to name her? It makes no sense.

  • Rex

    As a 47yr old American citizen – your comments make me wanna puke. Gays are worse then Terrorism ? Oh really? Infiltrating school boards…are they..? you mean like Crazy Self -righteous Christians are doing? You are a Disgrace to Women/teachers and mothers everywhere…and to every woman who ever fought for equality….the suffragettes would roll over in their graves…..look up the name Alice Paul lady! You don’t have to worry about gays flocking to Oklahoma……no need to go to your backwards,bigoted state….your state in a drive-thru,fly over state….another bastion of Republican Fear mongering,and hate. You supposed Christians can’t stand the gays, but LOVE torture….love war… could care less about homelessness,poverty,the economy…you are a sick sad pathetic women….and I feel sorry for you/your students past and present….and any children/or grandchildren you have….maybe you need to educate yourself on the writings of MLK Jr,and Corretta Scott King….remember lady – we ALL heard you….we heard you loud and clear.

  • Jaroslaw

    They should name her. Her name will come out eventually anyway. Might as well Victory Fund control the show, initially at least. And she did say all religions are not equal. I think that should tick off enough people that the RR cause celebre status won’t matter.

  • jvansteppes

    We oughtn’t dishonor cunts or whores by comparing them to this woman; vulvas and sex workers everywhere may take offense.
    Also, she’s an Islamophobic fuckface and that’s getting really boring.

  • nothingpetty

    While I agree that the woman is dangerous and a deliberate racist,homophobe, I do wish the comments, here, had shown a little more decorum.
    It doesn’t help when we reply with the same kind of less than literate comments.

  • Baylor

    The woman’s identity was broken over at JMG:

    It’s Sally Kern. She represents Oklahoma City. Send her a (polite) email.

  • yaksha2

    Dear Ms. Kern,

    Thank you for your powerful words regarding the status and mission of the The Homosexual Agenda. It pains me every time a Christian public servant tries to promote respect and understanding for all members of their community, rather than rightfully outing the evil results of personal freedom and self-respecting communities. If only it were legal to herd practicing homosexuals (don’t forget the trannies, either!) into corrals and use an electrical castration device to prevent reproductive capabilities or, if we do it right, the ability to copulate whatsoever! Man, that would be sweet. I could let my children intimidate and proselytize whomever they wanted after that because I wouldn’t fear the possibility of gay conversion through unwanted physical contact.

    Also, just in case my friends happen to practice a religion that is lesser than my own (I’m Baptist), what religion were you speaking of? I’d rather not have them as friends if they aren’t able to appreciate God at the same level that I do. And because I worry about their souls, is it possible to scare them into converting, or is there something intrinsically wrong with these people that makes that not possible? I’m very concerned.

    Thanks for your ridiculous speech, you hateful woman. I hope you get booted out of office solely because you promote hate based on your myopic view of the world around you.

  • ugh

    Look, kids, this is what America looks like!

  • M Shane

    No “woof”, the biggest danger to us all is the economic right wing who just use the votes of those creeps to win elections and the violence and brutality of their mentality to frighten everybody who reallty has normal, decent instincts. They are like the Spanish inquisition or the witch hunters of not that long ago. You know that the man who just gave them legitimacy, Bush, vetoed the anti-torture bill. The U.S. Has the hightest per capita prison population, and murders the most people daily of any nation on earth. It’s just all coming home

  • M Shane

    People like her are really hard not to feel defensive toward, since they are, in fact, harmful. Itesats given to people of that kind of mentality, they will without failure, in hypothetical situations literally kill people who do not behave as they want. They take peoples jobs, homes, rights, and think that they are on God’s side. They are evil.

  • Jaroslaw

    I’m reminded of a book written in the sixties about Nazi Germany – It was called “And they thought they were free.” In short, people were brainwashed almost daily about Jews etc. and I think the Religious Right does the same with their folks. I have some relatives who watch the 700 club every day, Dr. Dobson all day on the radio and a very similar Church 3X a week. I don’t know how they keep from going batty. Or they are actually….

  • M Shane

    This country is much closer to Nazi Germany and the other fascist countries than people imagine. Same hatred, suspension of rights,extreme patriotism, Biggest percap population of any country in prison. Legalized torture, Imperialism, The brainwashing is just part of the studies done by the CIA since the 50’s . It’s really scarry. Especially once this Recession hits hard, people are going to get really crazed. Sibnce Bush has a private army, Blackwater, what’s to stop them from crushing everyone.. Sounds extreme, but we tend to live in a state of denial. It’s not hard to turn on the radio and hear that hateful, ignorant rhetoric day in and out.

  • I Sklarsky

    Reminds me of someone back in the 70s named Dan White…

  • tai tai diggs

    dis sleazy nigga sally kern betta watch her back cuz de sharp sword or machete will strike her rear redneck and chop off her head anytime.

  • twinkledove

    @Woof: right on sister!

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