Guys Across The World Are Stripping Naked, Tucking Their Junk And Posting Pics

Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 1.05.54 PMWe told you about Fly That Cock, an 18+ NSFW Tumblr page that encourages male travelers to “catch a flight, go to the toilet and flash it” then email their dick pics to the site’s curator.

Then, of course, there was DickPics4Freedom, the Reddit thread dedicated to standing up against the NSA by voluntarily posting photographs of their erect penises.

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Now the latest NSFW viral trend seems to be “manginas.”

Urban Dictionary defines a “mangina” as “when a guy pulls his dick and balls back between his legs (forming a basket of fruit behind him) and then putting his legs together to simulate the look of a vagina”

Men all around the world have begun tucking their knobs between their thighs and snapping selfies then posting them to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #mangina because, hell, why not? Society has already sunk about as low as it can go, so what’s a few meters deeper?

But don’t take our word for it. See some of the NSFW images here.

We’re curious: What do you think about the manginas? Are they hot or not? Vote in the poll below.

h/t: aussielicious

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  • Giovanni de Lesseps

    I used to do this as a kid and pretend I had a vagina

  • Shaun Darlington

    Kylie Moretti Bridget Judge look I’m not going to lie! But you know what I’m talking about lol

  • Casey Clark


  • Cole Steele

    always in constant need of attention

  • sportyguy1983


  • Paco

    But why?

  • Cagnazzo82

    Penises are too beautiful to hide and tuck away.

    I cannot give my seal of approval to this lewd/unconscionable behavior.

  • Daniel López

    It’s called “The Munt”…

  • Billy Budd

    I disapprove of this.

  • stranded

    i think trans men are hot, so yeah, i kind of think it’s hot.

  • Casey Clothier

    So close to being hot, yet so far away.

  • QJ201

    No D, so how are those pics NSFW?

  • Dale Landefeld

    great tips for the actual member…

  • Merv

    The manginas are silly and stupid, but WTF is with those tattoos? The one guy looks like he has an oversize black lace shirtless collar hanging off his shoulders. Moron.

  • Captain Obvious

    It’s scary how these little lemmings have no mind of their own. They just tag along on any dumb thing with no thought in their heads.

    These people still have no idea who Edward Snowden is, they don’t know that the interviewer was just trying to deflect from the situation on purpose with this dick pic stuff, and they’ll never bother finding out what the NSA really does.

    Who knew Idiocracy was more than just a movie but the actual future…

  • bmickell95

    @Randy Austin: gay men love having with sex you lover

  • heavylifter

    Yep, gets me feeling all rose coloured nostalgic about the old times before Twitbook and the Interwebs.

  • Robert Lee

    Meh, I’d rather see women posting pictures of themselves spread eagle with their breasts bared in an attempt to desensitize the world. Nudity isn’t a big deal. #donttuck #letitallhangout

  • da90027

    I did this at age 12…I think its done mostly by guys wanting attention now.

  • siltor67


  • Sammy Schlipshit

    @Captain Obvious:

    I agree about Idiocracy. These days I consider it to be more of a documentary rather than a movie to be watched while stoned.

    Glad to be an old fart with not all that many years left.

    You and I have seen the future and it ain’t pretty.

    Carry on, little brother.

  • OhHellNo

    Buncha pussies.

  • sejhammer

    :/ As a gay trans man, this makes me feel understood by other men in the community. /sarcasm

  • ibernard

    This photo is posted for educational purposes only. The copyright is The Estate of Diane Arbus. The photograph was taken in 1968. MAN POSING AS A WOMAN. This photo was taken almost 50 years ago. Gay guys today are taking selfies with their “manginas” and the BEST PART is that they all think they’re doing it for the first time, not knowing of Diane Arbus or the fact that her photo is almost 50 years old. If I took it, I’d be doing a satire. These fucking mangina queens think they invented the practice. Strike a pose.


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