Guys Across The World Are Stripping Naked, Tucking Their Junk And Posting Pics

Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 1.05.54 PMWe told you about Fly That Cock, an 18+ NSFW Tumblr page that encourages male travelers to “catch a flight, go to the toilet and flash it” then email their dick pics to the site’s curator.

Then, of course, there was DickPics4Freedom, the Reddit thread dedicated to standing up against the NSA by voluntarily posting photographs of their erect penises.

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Now the latest NSFW viral trend seems to be “manginas.”

Urban Dictionary defines a “mangina” as “when a guy pulls his dick and balls back between his legs (forming a basket of fruit behind him) and then putting his legs together to simulate the look of a vagina”

Men all around the world have begun tucking their knobs between their thighs and snapping selfies then posting them to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #mangina because, hell, why not? Society has already sunk about as low as it can go, so what’s a few meters deeper?

But don’t take our word for it. See some of the NSFW images here.

We’re curious: What do you think about the manginas? Are they hot or not? Vote in the poll below.

h/t: aussielicious

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